I know you all will be very mad at me by the time you are done reading but please be considerate of my feelings.

I am a lady, 24 years of age and a 2nd class university graduate. A year after National service and job search, a friend of mine advised me to get myself a sponsor as that’s “whats-up” now – the soft life. I told myself there is no way I can be with an old man so a rich boyfriend will do and I must say, God being so good, few days after this discussion, I met Evans in the banking hall and he looked all well dressed and spoke politely. We got connected and immediately we started spending time together. I noticed he’s quite secretive, so I don’t let out questions so randomly. He told me he’s into Real Estate, I believed. He was rich after all.

Few months into the relationship Evans asked me to escort him to check some properties in the Volta Region- Tsitso to be precise. I was excited and of course, I enjoyed being around him. A move I would regret.

We arrived late at night, but he insisted we go straight to the property because he didn’t want to waste any time. We started the journey into a dark and lonely road that was practically leading nowhere, and I fell asleep.

Moments later I woke up and found myself tied to the ground with an old man ranting incantations. I somehow was prepared for death because I noticed the knives, candles and buckets around. I knew immediately that I had brought myself to my unfortunate end. I was stripped naked and lost consciousness again after sometime.

 I woke up the next morning in the hotel room as if nothing happened. I questioned Evans who acted as if he knows nothing of what I was saying. He teased me that I must have smoked something and had that funny dream.

We returned to Accra the next day. The whole week, Evans found one problem after another, one fight after another and one argument after another. Nothing I did pleased him until he told me he can’t do this anymore. He wrote a GHc 150,000 cheque for me and asked that I don’t see him again. Obviously, I thought that was a good deal. I cashed the cheque the same day, and that was when my problems started.

I began to have nightmare of something strange sleeping with me every night. I wake up drained and tired. My period didn’t show up that month. And for several months instead of my period, there will be this foul smell from my vaginal. Went for check-up several times to which I was told, there was nothing wrong with me. I went from one church and traditional center to another, yet no good result to show.

Months down the line and nothing has improved in my life. Recently, an old friend of mine visited and suggested we visit her grandmother

Her grandmother revealed exactly what my problem is. She told me about Evans and how he took me to the Volta region for money ritual. Every night he will turn into an animal spiritually to sleep with me and that is how he made his money. Had I rejected the money he gave me, things would have been different.

She informed me of not having the right tools spiritually to reverse it. If I could bring Evans to her or take her to Evans she can get the right “herbs” to heal me.

My problem is, is been a week of searching for Evans. He doesn’t live where he took me to. I don’t even have his picture to show anyone, neither do I know his surname.

I’m totally confused and don’t know what to do right now. If you know someone who can help or any advice… please share.

Be wise young ladies. Not all that glitters is gold. Don’t fall prey to these things because of money.