A very short story
I am a lady of 42 years old. Love has not been fair to me at all.
I met this guy when I was on vacation, secondary school, a childhood friend to my big brother and also taught by my mother in secondary school. For that reason, I knew he will not disappoint me. He treated me like a queen, took me to places I wouldn’t dream of going. My parents received him with open arms as he also helped me with studies. I don’t know if they knew what was going on or they just thought he was being helpful.
I remember there was this day my parents travelled, and he came over. The atmosphere was clear, everything was set, we kissed for the first time. Okay so what’s the faze about kissing that my mates have been making noise about. I didn’t feel all the electric and hullabaloo…
That they even describe in movies.
He was as erect as …but I didn’t feel anything, so I managed to push him away.

One hot afternoon, he invited me to his house. The inevitable happened. Sex was not all like I had read or heard but I took it like that. I didn’t “cum” so I assumed the eggs cannot meet the sperms for it to fertilize… dumb but yeah, a lot of sex education didn’t use to happen back then.
School reopened and I could hardly keep up. Was throwing up all the time. So weak I had to go home only to find out I was pregnant.
My mother was angry at me. I was a smart child then, so I believe she kept wondering how I fell prey to this whole thing and getting pregnant.
We spoke about aborting it or giving it out for adoption upon delivery. I was confused. I also want to complete school, so I opted to get the child aborted however my dad found out and this changed into something else. As my punishment for messing up I was made to give birth.
Which I did and due to pressure from my mum he allowed me to give the child out even though we could comfortably take care of the child. My dad kept saying he didn’t want to be reminded of how disappointed he was in me and truthfully, I didn’t want to raise any child.
I finished secondary school with flying colors years after and got a scholarship to study abroad.
My parents were so proud of me once again and I was extremely elated for that.

What else could I have asked for, I reconnected with the guy who broke my virginity, and we ended up getting married. He never knew about the pregnancy or the baby, so it wasn’t something to worry about.
So many red flags after getting married. We were hardly happy by our 7th year thus he filed for a divorce which I willingly signed.
Out of pain and shame I moved back to the states and that was when I met this young guy. Over 14 years younger than me but we clicked. I was like his missing rib; we were made or created for each other. Our heart was in sync. We enjoyed almost the same sports, movies, jokes ……everything.
He didn’t care that I was over 14 years older than him.
Life with him was heaven on earth. It felt like the best decision we both made.
We now have 3 children, and I must say he is everything I ever dreamt of.

It was one summer holiday when we visited his parents that he overheard a conversation between them and realized he was adopted. It took weeks of consoling for him to be okay and then we decided to find his parents.
This is where my problems start, to cut everything short, I have been married to my own son all this while. The son i gave up for adoption and even eventually forgot all about it came back to me.
Are our children supposed to be my grandchildren?
How do we even break this news to anyone. We hardly talk or do anything together and I don’t know if we will survive this.
I am being haunted and this is breaking us apart. As much as he doesn’t want to talk about it, I know it is eating him up gradually.


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