Everybody knows me for my playboy personality, I however wouldn’t call myself a player but a lover of women or good things, or simply, women love me?? My friends nicknamed me “The Horny Pervert”, HP for short.

Now let me tell you about myself. I am chocolate in completion, thick tall, tight abs, which I continuously work hard for. Pink lips, a smile that can melt every woman’s heart, even if she is a nun. I believe in branding, and I also believe I am every woman’s dream. I am not bragging but yeah! I never walk by without being complemented, so yes, I know what i am talking about. every woman wanted to be called my own but settling was not part of the plan, so we smash and move on.

Now let me tell you about my unfortunate experience. I met this extremely gorgeous lady called Ava at my workplace and I was hooked for good. I have never seen anyone or anything as beautiful as she is, it felt like God wanted to prove a point when He created her. He actually spent extra days creating this one. I wasn’t going to let her out of my grip, I was determined to make sure of it. At first it seemed like a game to me. Just sleep with her and break up. But getting to know her beautiful, kindhearted side, I knew she was the one for me. The first kiss though………….it was everything I have never felt before. There was nothing else but a yearning to be close to each other. It felt like everything in my life had led to her. My choices, heartbreaks, regrets, everything. And when we are together, my past seems worth it. It felt as if I had done one thing differently, I wouldn’t have met her. she kissed me with all the desires I have kept away and all the emotions I have been holding back, without restraints or hesitations.

Ava and I dated for about two years, and we were ready to tie the knot. We agreed that I was going to come see her parents and make my intentions known and ask for her hand in marriage. The day came quite quickly, and I was ready to go do the needful. I arrived at Ava’s home with Spence, my best friend. I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why I did not embark on this mission with my family. Well, I don’t have a family because I grew up in an orphanage, the only family I had was Spence. We arrived at the house and met Ava who took us to their living room and asked us to wait while she called in her parents. She came in a few minutes after with her parents, they looked very warm and friendly. They settled down and Ava gave spence and I the signal to get up and greet them. Myself and Ava’s dad shared a firm handshake while keeping eye contact. I moved to her mom too and extended my arm for a handshake. Suddenly, the smile on her face vanished while she looked intently at my arm, she grabbed my arm and pulled it to take a closer look. She stared at a mark I had on my arm since I was a child. “How long have you had that mark?”, she asked. “I’ve had that mark for as long as I can remember ma”, I answered. “Who are your parents?”. “I never met my parents ma; I grew up in an orphanage”. I don’t know what I said wrong, but the woman started sobbing hysterically. “Paa Ekow, this is our son. He is our beloved son. She rushed into the room and came out with pictures of me. We looked for you for so long till we finally gave up”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This must be a joke, right? According to her I had that mark on my arm from birth, they lost me at the hospital when I was 5 years. The nurse in charge was convicted for kidnapping due to the incident, eventually she died in jail and hasn’t been cleared of the allegation ever since. As to how I ended up at the orphanage isn’t known. Meanwhile Ava was frozen throughout the conversation. She was shocked to her core. She has been making love to her blood brother for 2 whole years. Throughout the fiasco I was completely numb, I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I had met my real family after 25 years.

The main issue, she is pregnant. Ava is 2 months pregnant. She only made me aware when I informed her of my intentions for us to be married. Do we abort the child? How do we communicate this to our parents? At this point I want the earth to swallow us up or to wake up from this nightmare. I still love her to death and can’t believe all the naughty things we have done together…….my blood sister.