A number of ladies were asked what kind of man they want or what they look out for in a man and as usual, …….tall, dark, fair, chocolate, handsome, rich, masculine, financially sound, flat tummy, hairy chest, must have a car, macho kakra, 6 packs kakra etc. I wonder who the short men will marry ??.  Short men life matter too ?

None of them even mentioned God fearing or simply ,a man who has sense, ……common sense for that matter ??. I believe men on the other hand will mention, curvy, big ass, big breast and a tall list of all the physical attributes there are. What a shame!!!

We’re so obsessed with dating and marrying good looking, financially stable, “physically perfect” partners in this generation that we forget to check if they are mentally and emotionally stable to handle love or partnership in marriage. If they are spiritually sound and have been raised right. If they know the bales of family and peace. If they are matured enough to raise kids in a loving and caring way, willing to set good examples for them to look up to. Help children understand the meaning of love, marriage, partnership etc….at the end of it all, children practice what they see and not what they are told.

We need God to save us.

So many people remain in an abusive relationship/marriage because of money, because a man who is “already man” doesn’t really need you. What happened to placing premium on the content or character. A relationship based solely on money can never stand the test of time. Neither can a relationship based on sex and or all those physical attributes.

A woman needs a man who sees her as his helper, a woman who can pull greatness out of him. A man needs a woman who see him as her king and both of them must be willing to build an empire and a life together.

The unfortunate things about love now a days, however it is, people are looking for help mates and not love or soul mates. More men are turning to older established women who will help them get to their destination quickly and vice versa.

Look for other virtues in the man or woman before making the decision.

One thing we lack now is wise men and woman, godly, understanding partners wiling to be there for you no matter what. A lot of people have lost the desire to get married but let me tell you, love and marriage is a beautiful thing if you find a partner who has good virtues.

Marriage is not the fairy tale I thought it is. You know, growing up, I thought of marriage being this romantic experience, a perfect love story. Girl was I wrong. I have learnt that, marriage is a constant choice, a decision you make each day to love yourself and your spouse to build a happy home even through the dark moments. Marriage is tested, sometimes aspiring us to learn the choreography of our daily lives. Sometimes you need to adjust to who you both are and are becoming.

Stop disappointing yourself by searching for the “Perfect Man/Woman” Seek the man who sees you as a partner and needs you in his life. Pray & Trust in God. Let the right man come into your life & build an empire together, likewise a woman willing to help you and make life easier for both of you