I hope that this fight only makes us stronger.
I hope that these cold nights don’t break us but only prepares us for days that are warmer. The days that we will have endless cuddles.
I hope that your heartbeat for me even on days that you don’t like me, or you feel the love in you is diminishing slowly.
I hope that you can still say “I love you”, even on days when we argue and don’t want to see each other.
Because we are so much bigger than these empty fights.

I act like I am okay and don’t care anymore but in reality, I sometimes wanna go back to when you first told me your name, and everything was perfect between us. When we will walk hand in hand, and you will whisper sweet nothing into my ears. When we couldn’t get enough of each other and will spend nights texting and calling each other till morning and still be endlessly yearning for each other.

I love you because you make no apologies for being exactly who you are.
I hope that these fights and arguments are only reminders that we are imperfectly perfect being, guiding our hearts after years of being broken by others, so I hope we bring these pieces together and build something different. We are beautifully broken, beautiful in our flaws and all together a beautiful disaster, ready to blossom and bloom together.

I still think we share something bigger even with this distance we have created.
I am learning to love you,
To protect your heart,
To be there for you even on days that I don’t know what to do with the pain or the love we bring into each other’s life.
But what is clearer to me is that I chose you. and will continue to choose you. That I want to be with you, because there is nothing that we cannot work through.

I remember those smiles, so radiant, warm and illuminating my day with loving affection.

I remember those kisses, so smooth, sweet and soft, engulfing my being with blissful elations.

I remember your touch, so gentle and delicate, setting my……on fire with burning sensations.

Just so you know, I will wait forever just to feel your touch again, to share that one kiss and breath in at the same time, tasting each other’s breath and breathing each other in……….until then, just know that I am waiting.