In today’s world that women offer more than just sex or cooking in the kitchen I expect women to put more value on themselves than allowing themselves to be manipulated or tortured for the sake of love. I am very emotional about this topic so let’s take a dive.

If you have been on the dating scene long enough, you have heard one or two breakup excuses.

From the most honest “I am just am not attracted to you anymore” to the worst—when a guy just disappears without even making an excuse “ghosting”, there are as many breakup excuses out there as there are couples breaking up.  

The most used, most annoying , the most spot on. yet so accurate one that most guys use , “it’s not you, it’s me!. Guys use this excuse so much because it helps them not feel guilty about breaking up . When a man makes the decision to end a relationship it is always about him, and never about you. Think about that and you won’t feel so bad.

A conversation with a group of men made me realize there is a new breakup tactic, frustrate her till she leaves”, ……really!!! Why will you take a woman who you have shared memories with through pain just because you don’t want her anymore.

Why torment, frustrate and manipulate her until she is tired to continue the relationship. Why “use” her knowing very well you don’t intend spending a lifetime loving her, why make her even feel this is forever …..

One thing to note is, you can lay next to a man overnight, feed him, cloth him, give him 360 degrees sex and you still wouldn’t be the woman he wants. He can travel miles to come and see you and still be keeping another on the side.

Ask a man what he wants in a good woman and watch him either describe his mother or describes a slave.

A lot of these men nowadays just want a woman to TAKE CARE OF THEM or they want a WEAK-MINDED woman that they can CONTROL and have POWER OVER to do anything he says!! These men nowadays be wanting a woman to clean up after his TRIFLING messes, feed him like a “king”, give him SEX on demand, not speak up or talk back to him, do anything and everything he says, and to love him unconditionally no matter WHAT HE DOES!!

These men nowadays be so DELUSIONALLLL!! Women are not your “CHILDREN”, not your “PETS”, and not your “PLAY TOY”!! Women are HUMAN BEINGS, the first creature to “eat the apple”, to defile all odds and eat from the tree of GOOD and EVIL. They are GROWN ADULTS that deserve to be RESPECTED, LOVED and CHERISHED!! These men be requiring A WHOLE LIST of things they want a woman to do for them… and HALF of the stuff they can’t even provide for THEMSELVES! Also, they
expect women to do WAYYY MOREEE in the relationship than they do…..These men just put in the BARE MINIMUM with women. Ladies, ask yourself this question: WHAT DOES HE BRING TO TABLE other than 3 MINUTE SEX and a HEADACHE!?

Do not stay around trying to convince him that he should invest in your relationship.  That would be a waste of your time, energy and your innate goodness. Move on if you feell you are putting in too much effort. Move on if you feel it’s not working. Move on if after years of dating, you still don’t have the ring on that finger.

You’ll find someone who is 100% open to what you have to offer, and when the time is right, he will commit to you without any second thoughts.


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