I have been married to this man for the past 12 years, it was only traditional marriage but i think it counts. We Ghanaian call it engagement because it really has no legal backing.…. just by the way.

I was pregnant at that time and needed the engagement so not to get my parents angry. I helped him acquire most of the engagement stuff, with the agreement for him to pay me back when we are comfortable. That never happened though. We were so deeply in-love….at least so I thought.

Though we had our own ups and downs, we were truly happy together. I saw us growing old together and sharing great memories.

I am a hardworking woman so never really depended on him for anything. Something I can now confidently say I regret. Some men don’t deserve these kind of help as they tend to take advantage and not even pamper you or show any form of appreciation for all your efforts.

Years on, we decided to buy land and start to build. I will take care of the home, and everything related to it, so he builds our future, we agreed. Stupid decision, I know but for me I was doing all this for a better future and a comfortable old age life together. I later found out the land I helped him buy didn’t even have my name but rather his mother’s name. But this didn’t deter me from still helping him

Let me state that I am quite a reserve person. I don’t nag or like to have myself in a sad situation. So even when times are bad, I decide to believe we are all adults, matured adults who know exactly what we are doing. This makes communication poor and difficult but that’s my nature.

5 years ago, a strange pastor told me to be careful as my husband might walk away from the marriage. Anyway, I don’t believe in these things. Even though I prayed about it I didn’t pay much attention to the pastor or his warning.

Three years down the line his attitude totally changed towards me. He wouldn’t talk to me or touch me. I respect myself too much to be manipulated so again I kept quiet. Maybe I am using the wrong words, I believe I do not deserve that. I did all a wife should do. I still supported him and footed 80% of the house bill if not more.

Now to the main issue I need advice on, Last two weeks Saturday, I didn’t feel like doing anything at home. Been drained from work and house chores. My entire body was hurting so I just decided to be taking naps and relaxing. After all no one takes care of me. Even when sick I am my own responsibility. He woke up very early, dressed and left the house early.

Later in the afternoon I decided to go buy kenkey so the kids and I can take that for lunch. I saw my “husband’s car parked in front of a church.  I thought maybe there was a problem, so I packed and walked closer. Couldn’t find him but I heard a familiar voice, so I walked towards the church. There he was, in a very nice, neat suit in front of the altar exchanging vows……

I was in total shock, that I froze till an usher asked if I want to sit. I asked for the program line up which will obviously include a picture and names of the couple just to be sure and run out to my car and drove back home. Cried on the way, cleaned up and served the kids. Couldn’t bring myself to eat or drink anything that day.

He came back home in the evening, not in the suit I saw him in but in the cloths he went out with. He wasn’t wearing the ring either. I kept the card in the car.

Has been two weeks now. He sleeps at home every night though he comes late. I don’t just understand what’s going on. He has informed me of his business trip next week and I will not be shocked if that’s the honeymoon .

Should I confront him or his parents?

As I stated I have used most of my resources for the home and don’t have much to my name.

What do you advise I do?

Keep quiet and watch him?

Should I confront him?

Should I plan and walk out of this marriage?

A sister needs your urgent Advice???