I didn’t stick around because you were perfect……I didn’t stick around because you were cool or popular….. ..I didn’t stick around because you cleaned up nice


I stuck around because there was nowhere else I would rather be…. I stuck around because with you I could truly be me. I stuck around because of that genuine spark in your eyes…….. Those eyes that matched the sea.

I stuck around because you fully embraced me, because you had offered me a safe place to heal, a space to dream ………that in a long time I hadn’t felt that free. So that’s why I stuck around because I truly wanted to be me…….but then you showed me the real you………….AND I STARTED TO LET GO….

I didn’t start letting go because I was bored

I didn’t start letting go because I was suddenly tired.

I didn’t start letting go because I was ungrateful for what we had.


I started letting go when words like “I love you”became so hard for you

I started letting go because you were right there but I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t hold you, I couldn’t feel you.

I started letting go when everything about you felt so new.

I started letting go when the spark in your eyes got dim,………when the dates got grim……………….When the anger in me reached its brim.

I started letting go when talking to you felt like walking on eggshells……..when being next to you felt more like HELL. When you started defending all the lies…….

I started to let go when I realized I was deceiving myself. When I realized I was the only one in all this…..I watched you slowly unloving me……at least one day you will realize you lost someone who was totally yours


Don’t allow someone back into your life just because you have history together. If your relationship went from something beautiful to chaos, let those memories go ( I know,…..easier said ….)
Accept that the past can never be the future.
STOP giving back to what your heart is trying to heal from. Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it. Don’t be afraid to start over, at least this time you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience. Never assume you are hard to love and easy to leave.

NB: A collection of edited poems and ideas for your reading pleasure. Remember to like, comment and share your thoughts on my write ups. Cheers