When the day starts to get blurry and I need something to bring me out of the weather …. I need your touch, your voice and your guidance. I want you here….always together

No matter what the day brings, if I have you, I am happy. So don’t let go, …..,don’t let go, don’t set me free, keep me.

Feel my caress. Feel my hair on your chest, feel my passion as we lay, relaxed in our thoughts. I want so much more than I can express. More than my words can ever address. I want things I wouldn’t dare say. More than acts that are a little risqué.

I want to try



And Flourish

I want you to taste me, kiss me, slide your tongue into my uncharted territory, like you do when we are alone.

I want to slide my hands along your ………feel you breath fast, re-act to my touch……

I want your shirt off …..I want to see you better.

I want to wrap my legs around you, watch the lust in your eyes

I want to feel your hardness pressed up against me……a slow rocking motion, as we continue to kiss and our hands continue to explore

…….soon, all cloths are off and there is nothing to stop us.

So open my horizon

Show me a world not meant to be seen and fulfill my darkest dreams.

My desires run deep

My will even deeper

So take me…. As hard as you can and yet hold me as fragile as an egg. I like slow love…..

Make it a full Emersion, into the world of the damned.

You plunged inside and I am lost from there …..

I feel a hand touch me as I began to shake, next thing I know, I am wide awake ……a dream I will love to return to.


Little dirty tales that I dream or think of during the day. Let’s see if you can tell the difference between what is real and what’s just a simple fantasy. Enjoy …..you naughty little thing ?