I don’t understand why destiny allows some people to meet when there is no way for them to be together…….Because once you taste love that satisfies the deepest hunger you have ever known you will never be one who is easily tempted by snacks

What I feel for you therefore is that deeply strong, that wildly passionate, so magically beautiful, I could literally start fires with what I feel for you inside me.??

Your voice soothes everything broken in me. At times you leave me with nothing but the memory of your touch on my skin. And the smile that follows your every word.


Grab my hand, pull me close and lead me to the land of the forbidden

Slowly and sensually

Take off my clothes

Let your lips Pierce my skin, I will allow you drink from my fountain till you are full.

Two bodies touch

It now begins

My body on you
Your body on mine
In a fit of passionate rage
Passion that devours,
Passion that burns,
Passion that demands devotion and adoration
Passion that is deranged.
As it leads my shy hands,
They search blindly and eagerly

Touch with matter

Please my needs

Hear me moan While I plead

Let us play

Let us explore

Feel our bodies Crave for more

Legs shaking from your tongue exploring my inside.

Breathes are fast

How much longer can a body last

Grasps the bed

Head tilting back

Moans with fulfillment

Time to crack

Arching back

Let’s go with pleasure

Baby you are my Ultimate Treasure

I woke up wanting your lips on mine. I woke up wanting your arms around my waist. I woke up wanting our hands laced together. I woke up wanting to gaze in your eyes. I woke up wanting you.

I swear, somehow I’m gonna make you see yourself the way I see you… But first, I’m gonna make you scream with passion again…..over and over

No one will ever kiss you like I’ve kissed you. Every breath escaping from your lips I have inhaled.?

Once you get addicted to a person, You just can’t sleep without them. You will need them, their voice, their messages, their presence to make you fall asleep…….and to live so I ask again why does destiny allow two people who can’t be together to meet ???


Feedback will be greatly appreciated??❤️