I shoved my clothes into my jute bag (Ghana must go) quickly, knowing he’d be back soon. I started shoving my kid sister’s cloths along mine, trying as much as possible to beat time. I grabbed a sleeping Maame Adwoa in my arms and bolted from the front door.

I sighed in relief as I began to walk away from my father’s house. We were free, ……finally!. I didn’t know where we would go, only that we had to get as far away from that hell hole as possible. Maybe I could stay at a friend’s house for a couple days, but then I remembered: I had no actual friends who’d be willing to help me.

“Owww for fück sake, who put that there” I heard a familiar voice groan. I turned around to see my father down the road, rubbing a bruise on his head after just walking into a lamppost.

Damnit! What was he doing back here so early? All I knew was that he couldn’t catch me again. I still have bruises on my skin from last time. I picked up my pace before I started jogging away. But, knowing my luck, I didn’t do it without stumbling over and knocking down one of the trash cans.

“Kofi, what are you doing back there?” My father said as he saw me. He squinted his eyes seeing me carrying Maame Adwoa and those multiple bags. It didn’t take him long to realize that I was running away. And with that he began running towards us.

I didn’t waste any time and turned in my heels to sprint away from him. If he wasn’t so drunk, he would’ve definitely caught up to me. This was the only time I was thankful for his alcohol addiction.

Maame Adwoa stirred in her sleep at the sudden movement, but that didn’t slow me down. I turned the corner and checked behind me to see if my father had caught up to me yet, but what I wasn’t expecting was to bump into a rock-hard wall.

Quite literally.

I rubbed the side of my head and winced at the pain. I stepped back to see a little bit of blood on the wall.


“Are you okay? I just saw you walk into that wall” a voice said from behind me. Stunned by the presence behind me, I spun on my heels quickly, causing me to lose balance. Looking up, I lay my eyes on the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. Her hair was a dark brown with natural curls. She had a sharp jawline and full pink lips. What a beauty.

She studied me as her tongue reached out to lick her lips. My lips slightly parted at the sight of it.

Abena: “Are you okay?” she asked after what felt like ages.

This caused me to snap out of whatever haze I was previously stuck in and I nodded quickly.

“Kwadjo!” I heard my father shout from behind me.

Damnit! How could I get so distracted? I tried to escape but it was too late, my father tightened his grip on me.

He grabbed my arm roughly, turning me so I was facing him, followed by a slap on my cheeks.

“Where do you think you are going you little unappreciative bastard?” He seethed. This was the angriest I had ever seen him.

I was about to apologize, tell him I’d go back with him and beg him not to hurt me, when my new lady friend ripped my father’s arm off me and stood in front of me protectively.

“Leave.” A man said in a deep voice. I turned and noticed another man standing there. He looked about 6’4 . he had big firm muscles that seem to be burning out of his tight suit. As if his appearance wasn’t already intimidating enough, his voice definitely was.

‘W-What?’ My father stuttered, he had to raise his head to speak to the man since he was about a foot taller than him.

“I will only repeat myself once more. Leave before I make you”, he threatened. My father didn’t need to be told twice, before sprinting back in the opposite direction, stumbling a little as he tripped over his feet.

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do that for us” I shyly smiled up to him.

“It was nothing, where are you heading? I could give you a lift.” He said nodding towards his expensive looking car.

Should I lie? I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I had nowhere to go and I didn’t even know who this man and lady were, I didn’t want him to feel obliged to help us

“We’re staying at a friend’s house” I replied, subconsciously scratching my head – a bad habit I tend to do when I’m lying.

“Are you sure?” He frowned, almost as if he knew I was lying

Thank you for the help. I tried to walk away but he held my arm.

Here is my number, call me if you need any help in the future.  He gave me his business card, which I placed in my pocket.

“I mean it, don’t hesitate to call me, okay?”, he added.

I nodded and began to walk away with my sister. I heard him drive away too as I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

“I am cold’ Maame murmured. I pulled out one of my sweaters from the bag and wrapped it around her. We will be away from here soon I stated though I had no idea where we will be spending the night. I had picked up some savings but knowing it wouldn’t be enough was enough to give me headache.

We walked into the nearest guest house, cheap, building almost falling apart and paint peelings off the walls. It was hardly safe but the only place I can afford at the moment. I paid for a couple of night and made way to our room. I had bought some Hausa kooko (porriage) and bread on our way.  We ate and Maame went back to bed.

As I sat down looking at my little sister, my mind went back to the reason we finally decided to run out of my father’s house. My `daddy has been beating Maame and sexually assaulting me. He will make me suck his dick whenever he wanted but I had grown not to be bothered until last night I heard Maame crying whiles I was doing the dishes even though my father had told me he was taking her to bed. I got angry when I could still hear her cries from the kitchen, so decided to check up on her. My jaw dropped as I saw my father with a pillow suffocating her.

 “I said, stop fucking crying or I will bury you alive”, he sneered.  

Dad, I yelled. He quickly let go and menacingly walked towards me.

“Get that girl to shut up before I make her’, he said with a threatening tone before walking off.

I put Maame to sleep with tears escaping my eyes. At this point I knew I couldn’t protect my younger one as I promised.

Sure, my father has hit and done crazy things to me so many times, but I had never imagined him hitting my little sister. I have stayed strong over the years of abuse. I couldn’t even remember the last time I cried but I guess it was all coming back tonight. I covered my mouth not wanting to make a sound but let out a silent sob.



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