All my money was exhausted and the days I had booked to stay at the guest house were also coming to an end sooner rather than later. I had to do something and do it as quickly as possible. What was I going to do especially with Maame under my care. Am I going to sleep on the streets with Maame and beg for alms?

No! No! No!, who is going to give money to an able-bodied young man like myself? I should probably hawk. Then again, am I going to walk under the scorching sun with my princess in the name of hawking? What if she falls sick? Or I can send Maame to an orphanage while I go solo and try to make some money then go back for her when things are a bit okay? All these options seem very far-fetched. But the most outlandish of them all is when I thought of going back home. How do I escape from hell then go back there? How different would I be from the silly Israelites who told Moses to send them back to Egypt.

I sat there pensively and suddenly remembered the man and lady who saved me from my dad. I frantically searched for the business card I received from the man. I found it in one of my pockets then raised it up so I could have a better look at it in the dimly lit room. It read “Mr Duke Adams, senior partner, Duke and Partners solicitors”. I couldn’t help but be impressed. A whole lawyer who actually owns his own law firm, nice. I picked the number on the business card and called it. Almost immediately he answered the call, a very deep baritone voice boomed from the other end of the call and almost startled me. “Hello, Duke Adams of Duke and Partners here. May I know who I’m speaking to?”. I almost dropped the call but knowing I am in dying need of help, I held on. His voice was quite intimidating yet very assuring. “Sigh, Duke Adam here, if you’re here to play games with me you better desist from it because I can find you easily”, he said. “Erm I’m very sorry Mr. Duke. My name is Kwadjo. You saved me and my sister from the mean man and gave me your business card”, I returned……..

Mr Duke: “Oh hey er Kwadjo? That’s the name right? Actually, I was expecting your call much earlier.  But its good you’re calling now. How have you been holding up?”,

We went on to have a long and fun conversation. It was very interesting until he asked the question, I prayed he would ask. As I didn’t know how to ask for his help even though he requested that of me.

Mr Duke: “So Kwadjo, did you find a place to lodge?”.

Kwadjo: “Yes and no. I got myself and my sister a guest house where we’ve been lodging since the incident but my time to move out is up and I don’t have any money to pay for more days. So, I’m moving out today to find somewhere else to stay”, I responded. After much cajoling and convincing………okay not much but you know I had to flex small. Especially when he asked, I come and live in his house and also send me money to get there. I agreed to accept the offer from Mr. Duke. I packed our stuff, picked up Maame then set out to look for a Mobile money vendor and find a mode of transport to convey me to Mr. Duke’s house.

Abena was unmistakably gorgeous, good Lord!. She was the first thing I saw when I entered Duke’s mansion. I’m not exaggerating, the house was a literal mansion. A few days ago, I thought my family house was large because we had a big compound and about 4 bedrooms. Now I was absolutely dwarfed in this behemoth of a structure. The building’s superstructure surpassed my former home in size by more than 10 times. It was the most beautiful and biggest house I had ever entered. Abena showed me to my room and asked me to feel at home. I called out to Maame to come along but Abena held on to her. “Not so fast. You can’t share a room with your younger sister. She is going to have a room to herself”. I hesitated but then she added, “you’re not going to repeat what you did the first time we met Kwadjo, allow some good in your life sometimes. Please”. I gave up and she walked off with Maame. I turned around to face my new room and was struck with surprise. like this is my room. The room was big, huge, colossal and every other adjective you could possibly think of. It had a gorgeous and large queen size bed. A very plush and luxurious carpet that I’m sure could pay my fees for a whole year. You know what hit me hardest? There was a large walk-in closet that had everything in my size. From shoes to shirts all the way trousers and suits. I was dumbfounded. There was a large smart television on the wall that had been connected to a Ps5 console. I even had a well-stocked workstation that matched the level of sophistication only an IT developer’s workstation could boast of. I just thanked my God for this Favour. Stripped down to take my bath as ordered, went down for snacks and tea-time, can you imagine and back to bed to take a nap afterwards.

Somehow, I ended up dreaming about Abena. I don’t think I have feelings for her. Or do I? Well, she is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. She seems like she has a good heart. Maybe I’m just enamored by her kindness, beauty and politeness and nothing more. I was awoken by the sound of shuffling feet. I opened my eyes and saw Duke sitting in an armchair that stood exactly across the bed. He sat there quietly with a mug in his hands and simply gawked at me. As if that wasn’t enough to unsettle me, he wore a bathrobe that was open in the middle which showed off his large chest and well-toned tummy. He wore boxer shorts that showcased a thick dick print. It was only after a while that I realized the only thing covering my nakedness was the duvet, I loved to sleep naked. I frantically searched for the duvet that had come off so I could quickly cover my nakedness. “I thought I should come and keep you company while you slept so you don’t feel lonely while you slept. By the way you look like an angel when you sleep”, Duke commented while he stood up and walked away. When he got to the door, he turned to look at me and continued, “put on something and come downstairs for dinner”, then he winked and walked away. What the fuck just happened? I thought to myself. His presence intimidated me so much. And there was something sinister in the way he looked at me.



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