One night, I got home early and sneaked into Duke’s room. I got naked and under the blankets of his bed. The room had a medium glow of light from the hall and living room.

Mr. Duke “What are you doing?” he asked sweetly

“I’m waiting for you. I think you’re overdressed and over stressed.” So wanted to help you undress and relax.

Mr. Duke, “I am? Well, I’ll have to see what’s going on under there,” as he motioned toward the blankets. He stripped to his briefs and socks and got under the covers with me. “Oh my! Someone’s wanting something. You’re all naked.”, we both laughed.

As soon as Mr. Duke faced me, I reached for his cock and it was quickly hard. My left arm reached around him to rub his back and smooth ass. I thought about kissing him but still couldn’t bring myself to do that yet, did I mention we have never kissed?

I moaned into his ear as he returned the massage all over me with his free arm. I was ecstatic with his touch, sensually and softly caressing every bit he could reach.

I couldn’t dwell on the thought or wait anymore. I reached for the lube I stashed under a pillow, knelt on the bed, and quickly applied it to my fingers and reached back to slicken my hole. I poked a finger in to get wet inside and noticed I was tight and a little drier than usual. My internal juices weren’t flowing as they would at home, but it was probably due to the alcohol I had that night.

I used more lube while fitting a second finger in and barely got it in against my very tight, anxious anal ring. I also seemed harder than usual and rubbed myself

“Okay, I need you now. Just take me.”

“Oh, a little horny, are we?” Mr. Duke teased. “How do you want it?” It was an odd question as he hadn’t asked it before. It didn’t bother me on any account.

“Get behind me,” I said almost out of breath. He scooted down behind my ass and got up onto his knees, while I planted my hands down so I was on all fours. I felt prone, exposed. I didn’t care. I wanted this man to take me. I wanted to pleasure him and make him come, to give him a warm slick place and a person to cum into. And not just any person, I wanted him to cum in me. I felt him rub along my cheeks and close

feeling of reaching back around my own cock and balls to grab his was new, and arousing as hell” Okay. Now,” I said as he began pushing forward and me towards him. I felt a strong push and pain immediately as his head barely popped in. I was too tight and going too fast. “Hold on, go back,” as I took a breath in through my teeth. “Try again, a little slower.” | pushed out to open my hole wider for him and I could feel his head contact my anus. As it did, I pushed back and felt his head pop back in. I was trying too hard, but I pushed back anyway to get him inside me.

The pain was less, and my hole clamped onto his dick.

Somehow the constriction felt amazing but still a bit painful as he waited for me to adjust. I arched my back up and down a bit to wiggle him inside and it helped. I felt him slide past the constriction and fully into me.

Gasping and loving the feeling, the pain was now a light throb on my outer ring as he slowly pulled back.

Duke was almost out before entering with a second slightly faster push. As he did, I felt a rush to my head as the feelings around my hole of his hard, warm cock pressing in was amazing. Every nerve ending around my hole was stimulated as I watched my own dick flex upward and throb with Duke’s implement. Knowing there was an actual person with his fleshy hardness inside me was a mind fuck. I pushed back into him and wiggled, wanting more, wanting him to cum in me right away.

With all my senses firing at once, I moved hands off my dick to my hips. I embraced him as much as I could while he took me from behind. Duke was pumping faster, making my cock start to slap against my belly. I laughed at the silliness and feelings it was giving me.

The sounds of squishiness as he moved in and out couldn’t have made me more aroused. This also gave me an image of what I wanted to do to Abena

Only ten or so thrusts and Duke started to pant and grunt; I knew he was close. My pain had returned as an uncomfortable heat and the throb became noticeable again. “Give it to me, harder. Oh yeah come in me. Come for me Glen. Oh man!” I wanted him to cum as the heat on my anus wouldn’t go away, but I didn’t want to stop and disappoint him since he was so close to cumming.

With sputtering, final thrusts Duke gave his typical quiet grunt and started cumming. Sadly, I didn’t feel his throbbing cock or the load pumping into me.

Kwadwo, let me take care of that for you this time round.” He said as he grabbed my dick and started to pump it as fast as he had fucked me. He was rough but in just a few seconds I yelled out.

“Oh GOD! Oh, ahh, ah, ahh, YESS!” I couldn’t contain my voice as I started shooting cum up my chest while Duke slowed his stroking. “Uhng, uh, uh,” I was almost incoherent as my hips lifted off the bed. I felt my asshole blinking through its heat during this powerful orgasm. The nerves seemed restimulated, and it kept me feeling like I wanted to cum more and more. Duke grabbed a tissue from the side drawer and wiped me down.

I went to the shower and cleaned up, so I could go check on my sister before her bedtime.

Duke was asleep when I stepped out of the bathroom. I grabbed my phone and left quietly. My ass still felt a little sore but I still wanted to do a quick check on Maame before I retire to bed. She was asleep. I said a little prayer for her and left.

I got to my room to see Abena standing there naked and in tears.



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