I got to my room to see Abena standing here naked and in tears I was confused instantly. I have always dreamt of this moment………without the tears.

Abena, “what’s wrong” what are you doing here. Am sorry, why the tears, what happened’.  I was super scared, what if she had heard her father and I or possibly seen us. Jeez!.

Abena, ‘ Am I not good enough for a man? I caught Josuah with his maid, his maid!. Why will he do this for me!.

I sighed, what a relief. “Oh Abena!”, as I picked the robe to cover her up. “You are every man’s dream my dear. He is just a bastard. Let him go. You do not need to cry. Is his loss my dear. I hugged her as I watched her cry. All I could think about was, kiss her but I didn’t want to take advantage. I didn’t know if it will be met with a slap or not but before the thought could vanish, our lips met. This moment couldn’t have come too soon. I had been yearning to make this sexual contact with Abena since the first day I set my eyes on her. After a while I wanted to pull away, but we wouldn’t stop or even pause. I was drained. I wanted her but not tonight and I knew pulling away could also send bad signals especially with everything she was going through.

The longer we were in each other’s arms, the more charmed I was by this gorgeous woman. And the more she charmed me, the more I appreciated just how sexy she was. Our lips are still together; neither of us has moved or made a move. My lips are slightly apart as she slips her tongue into my mouth. She’s firm, wet, eager. And I was trying my best so nothing happens but as you know the brain down there has a mind of his own. However, the night was nothing to talk about. I lasted less than a minute. I could see the disappointment on her eyes as if to say, “wasted sin”. She left my room few minutes after, ….quietly without saying anything..

I took my mobile phone to scan through before sleeping and noticed the alert. Fifty thousand cedis and a thank you message from Mr. Duke as I had given him a night to remember. Dating a rich person,….. you have to experience it to know how good they make you feel.

Through all this, I managed to save a huge amount. I had 2 houses and 3 cars to my name, houses where we occasionally sneak to prevent Abena from suspecting or seeing us. I also had two supermarkets and a boutique which was doing so well. My target is to make it so I can comfortably date Abena.

After last night, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to function well as a man. I also wanted another chance to show her the first night could have been better.

All the same I am deeply in love with her and determined to make her mine. Mr. Duke on the other side was deeply in-love with me and providing all my needs. I lacked nothing now. I had monthly hospital checks to make sure I was healthy.

After that night of my not too good performance, tension grew between myself and Abena. All I wanted was a chance to prove what a good lover I am and all I noticed she wanted to do, was stay away from me. somehow as I stated earlier, I am scared if I can ever please a woman. I am not gay, situation turned me into who I am now. At some point I wanted to pick up a lady and try but ……I just couldn’t. I was too scared.

God answered my prayer when Mr. Duke asked us to go check a project in Dubai. For me it was the opportunity to spend time with this gorgeous queen, get to know her and possibly prove a point, you know what I mean?? .

The flight was smooth, we basically slept through out. I believe we were both cooking plans in our head. For some reason, when we arrived, she had booked just a room. “I hope you don’t mind”, she asked. I wanted to scream, kiss her and let her know, I have been wanting this for so long, but I restrained myself and just smiles. “That is fine Abena”.

We both walked into the luxurious master bedroom, which is one of the most opulent rooms in the hotel, such a stunning place that has been carefully created with the highest-quality materials and exquisite finishing. The proper choice of luxury lighting fixtures, as well as furniture pieces with classic gold elements and sophisticated finishes. Throughout my years with them, travelling and all, I can say this is one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever slept in, and to think that I was about to share a room with the most beautiful woman I have ever dreamt of, that made it heavenly.

She undressed right in front of me and walked naked to the bathroom. What a fantastic creature, I must say.  I wish I could follow her but I was scared because of what transpired the other night but I must say, I had a hard on in my trouser and it was just a matter of time before I explode.

I decided to use the other bathroom as I was so sleepy and hungry at the same time. I was in the bathroom when the door bell rang. They had brought our breakfast so I quickly finished and came out.

What happened next will shock you. Abena came out in nude stockings and heels. She went straight to the room bar and poured us some drinks. We ate in silence as my eyes were fixated on her breast and body. She knows how to control me and had me exactly where she wanted me.

Her body naked as mine remained clothed. She didn’t waste time, she knows what she wants, and she went straight for it. Before I realized Abena was on her knees pulling down my shorts. She was thrown around the bed so I could drink and suck and lick her from all angles, my hands urgent on her body as I plied her over and over again.

The fucking was relentless and wild. It went on forever, and like a dream, we floated for hours and hours. A delirium like no other. That scent of her, vanilla and salty. The softness and firmness of her body against mine. The perfect way we kissed…….

We took a nap and went for the business meeting and luckily for us it was easy getting them to agree to our deals. What a great team we are. Lunch was great and so was the sightseeing. In all, she acted so professional outside as if she was not the woman I was with some few hours ago, the dragon who devoured every inch of my being….. she will intermittently flirt with me but will go back to her professionalism attitude and that was a turn on. I wondered if this was just sex for her or what I needed from her……. a lasting relationship.

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