I was dumbstruck by the view that welcomed me when I got to the dining hall. The size of the dining hall itself dwarfed half the size of my house. As if that wasn’t enough, the dining table itself looked like a scene from the movie. It looked like a royal buffet. All kinds of foods, drinks and fruits. Are these guys expecting the Otumfuor to come for dinner? It was simply incredible. Abena, Maame and Duke were already at the dining table by the time I got there. Maame was feasting on her plate of jollof hungrily, but I noticed that Abena and Duke weren’t eating.

“We thought we would wait for you, so we all pray together before we start eating”, Abena said with a very warm smile. All this while Duke just sat in his chair with his arm crossed and looking at me with a smirk on his face. I didn’t like the way he looked at me. It looked even more sinister than the last, but I decided to ignore it. Probably that’s just the way he looks and there’s really nothing to be worried about. I couldn’t help but notice the radiance of Abena. All her moves seemed to be in slow motion. I sat down and waited for Abena to finish her prayer before we all dug into our meals. Throughout the time we ate Duke kept stealing quick glances at me while I stole quick glances at his daughter Abena. I hoped he wouldn’t notice the subtle attention I was giving Abena.

My father has never allowed us to sit on the dinning table to eat dinner. We were always treated like slaves. And when we were done and I was told the maids will do the dishes, I was in shock…..this is the lifestyle I have always imagined I can only go on my knees and thank God Almighty for the breakthrough.

It was all praise and worship for me that night until around 9am when Mr. Duke knocked on my door.

Mr. Duke, “ how are u doing my boy?

Kwadjo “I am super blessed Sir, as I knelt down to say a big thank you to him. He only smiled and told me is can only be God, is Him we give all the praises to.

 “We haven’t had the opportunity to speak properly ever since you got here Kwadwo. I want to know all there is to know about you”. I told him everything about myself. From where I was born to how I grew up to my wins and losses to my favorite things and people and even spoke about my love life. Duke listened intently without cutting through my speech. He made me feel like I was the most important thing in the world at that moment. He was such a great listener.

“Hmm wow! Quite an interesting life you’ve had. And I must say, you are one hell of a storyteller. You had me captivated all through your little presentation”, Duke said while smiling. “You look like a very brilliant and sharp young man. I want to make sure you achieve everything you can and reach the heights you wish to attain. I want to change your life Kwadwo. I want to be a part of your life and be that person who gives you a dream filled and unforgettable life. I want to make your dreams come true. You are a very beautiful young man as well”. All the while he held my hand in his two large hands and looked me right in the eye. I felt a bit uncomfortable but the way he looked into my eyes directly and spoke slowly was incredibly hypnotizing. I averted my gaze momentarily.

 The long chat ended with him asking I come to work with his daughter, Abena the next morning. I continued to pray and thanked God. Passed by Maame’s room to check on her as she was fast asleep. Said a prayer beside her bed and went back to my room.

I couldn’t wait for my alarm to ring. By 3am I was up and ready for a job we are to leave for at 9am. That is how desperate I was. I am an accounting major and have also done diploma courses in marketing. I am an “A” student but situation got me here.

At 6:45am Maame was dressed for school. Everything was moving so fast for me at this point. It was like a dream. I will intermittently pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. We all ate breakfast and Abena went back up to get ready. She was looking like an angel when she finally came down.

Driving to the office with her was awkward. I kept having the conversation with her in my head, trying to construct the best sentences in my head, but I didn’t succeed.

Abena, “we are here, Kwadjo. Daddy says I should help you settle in the account’s office then you go see him when you are totally settled in.

My office is beautiful. Interior décor was clean. There is a dark walnut bookcase lining the entire right side of the wall, with bookshelf lining it on the other side. There is an exquisite leather sofa with a fur rug over the back, television on the wall, fridge……ei!!. This is me. I needed a moment to get it all in and it seemed Abena understood perfectly well and left me alone. I sat in the sofa and took deep breaths.

Thank you God for everything. It was risky leaving home but you have proven that you are God and your mercies …….i saw tears come down my eyes as I tried to share a prayer. It can only be you God. I said and stood up to go to Mr. Duke’s office.

Inside his office was large and cold. There was a clutter of book on his table like any other lawyer’s office. His secretary stood in front of him as he talked, he straightened the stuff on his desk, making sure everything was square and properly spaced. There wasn’t much, a phone, a legal-sized lined noted book, a translucent Bic pen and a picture of Abena, nicely framed.

The sitting area, however, was super plush and colorful.

Mr Duke, “ sit down and wait for me. I will be with you in a second, as he finished off with his secretary and walked majestically to me.

“Blow me” he requested as he opened his zip showing some clean white boxers and huge huge dick. I gasped. Surprised mixed with more than a bit of shock. I am being offered a lifetime of riches to do what I used to do for free for my dad but here I was also wanting to be with his daughter who is definitely out of my league.

But sir, I stammered to voice out.

Mr. Duke, ‘On the table is a contract to pay you 10 thousand Ghana cedis for your upkeep monthly. An amount of one hundred thousand will be deposited in your account by the end of today. If you manage to please me, within a month you will be given your own house. Your own car is packed outside as we speak, these are the keys. I found myself thinking of the unthinkable. I am back to square one, but from where I stood, I felt this was better than how my father was treating us.

I love you Kwadjo please think about this very well”, because I need you now.

What have I gotten myself into? I was beginning to regret making that call that led to my coming here really. Interestingly a little part of me enjoyed the attention I was getting from a handsome, rich and powerful man like Duke. I was imagining the life of luxury and opulence I was potentially going to get exposed to. The future didn’t only look bright but also dazzling. But wait! How am I supposed to accept all these when all I want more than anything in this world is a life spent with Abena? My head began to pulsate with each thought. What a dilemma!

I walked out of the office feeling like shit. Wtf have I done? Oh God! I felt so terrible. Some of the images flashed in my subconscious and I immediately felt like vomiting. I was immensely disgusted.

Months passed and everything was running smoothly. A lot of bonding between Abena and myself. I had fallen deeply in love with her. Mr. Duke was also now asking for BJs daily and it was becoming demeaning for me. What killed me most was, now he is asking to mount me, to fuck my ass. It was as though he couldn’t live without me. My sister was in one of the best schools enjoying the best of lives and I didn’t want to deprive her of that, so I allowed it.

I know he felt a manly sense of pride knowing how he changed me so much.

I was even able to accept his enormous cock, several times a day, if need be. The mounting process was also considerably shorter, and much less uncomfortable.

Aside from the dramatic physical changes, my ass was also so much more sexually sensitive. I was ejaculating, hands free, almost every time he bred me. My ass induced orgasms were much stronger, and prolonged. There were times that I begged him to fuck me again, after he had already bred me out.

The more he bred me, the more I craved it. But I also loved sucking him off. Giving him oral sex was so amazing, that sometimes, when he was fucking me, I began to fantasize that I was sucking him off, simultaneously and also fucking Abena at the same time. To me, that would be the ultimate sexual experience. It was so sexy to pretend that was possible.

My ass got super conditioned to take his enormous cock. I thought back to when I was so tiny, and so very tight. I recalled how it was such a turn on for Mr. Duke. Now, it was very different, but he still loves it…. at least that is how his moaning made me feel. I developed pronounced ass lips, that encircled the hole.



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