I turned my head to look at the woman lying silently beside me, deep in the slumber that almost eluded me. Her beautiful face was peaceful, thick eyelashes brushing her cheeks as she dreamed. Her chest rose and fell gently. My gaze softened as I smiled at her.

She was the woman I have loved since I first set my eyes on her. The woman I’ve craved since the first time I bumped into her. The one person I lost myself in.

I reached out and stroked Abena’s arm tenderly, tracing my palm over her chin and cupping her face in my hand. I kissed her gently, willing her to wake up and make love all over again, help me forget, lose myself… but instead, she pulled away and turned over, still lost in dreams.

Abena is beautiful. I used to sneak glances at her when she wasn’t looking from the first day I set my eyes on her, living and working alongside her…—the graceful curve of her neck, the way she pouted her lips when she was concentrating on something, her twinkling eyes when she laughed. Her ankles. Those delicious round, pointed breasts.

I also missed the way Abena looked at my naked body when we made love, that alluring combination of admiration and desire, her eyes running over my strong arms and broad chest, down his thighs, and back up to linger on my cock. I had felt her gaze like fingers moving over my skin. The thought sent blood rushing to his joystick.

I need you, I sighed to myself as I cuddled into her back. Just feeling her bare flesh against my own thrilled me.

I need to feel you.

I need to fuck you.

I need to make sweet love to you.

My lips found her neck, my mouth no longer dry, but instead soaked with desire. I slid a hand beneath the sheet, onto her mound. She felt warm and soft.

Abena’s hand reached up to cradle my head, holding me to her as I planted kiss after kiss on her smooth skin.

But then she was turning away again and that made me hold onto her—no way was I letting her go now she was awake, I was so desperate for her—but Abena was only flicking her bedside light on and quickly returned to me, reciprocating the passionate kisses I bestowed on her.

Our fingers entwined as I slipped my tongue deep inside her mouth, cherishing the closeness as we stroked each other delicately, but intently. I found one of Abena’s full breasts, moving a hand over it and squeezing firmly, relishing the soft flesh and her nipple stiffening against his palm.

Abena rolled to face me, her body open and available, letting me touch her wherever I please.

I was completely focused on the gorgeous woman enrobed in the bedsheets beside me.

She sighed in bliss.

Transported by the sound of her breath caressing the air, I pushed the sheet away from her torso, desperate to see and feel more of her. Abena’s thighs opened instinctively as I brushed the cotton away from her skin. I sucked one of her boobs into his mouth ravenously and Abena arched her back in pleasure, her gaze fixed on me as I filled my mouth with her.

If she was still hung up on the shisha we had earlier, she gave no appearance of it. A moan escaped her lips as we began kissing again, and she responded so urgently that my body pulsed with need. Our bodies moved together effortlessly, undulating fluidly within the solidity of our loving embrace.

My hand moved over her, sliding between her breasts, down her body to her mound, then back up again, cupping her so that I could feast on her tits once more. I could feel the melding, the melting together in flame-red passion that we always experienced when we got close, got naked, and put our mouths on each other. We were two separate bodies fused into one vast, overwhelming entity of sexual desire.

Abena pushed the sheets from her as I moved down the bed. We were two people moving as one, both with one goal in mind—to have my head between her thighs.

Not wanting to move my hand from her body and break the connection, I cradled one of Abena’s legs over my shoulder as I buried my mouth in her moist labia.

Abena’s hand in my hair, her fingers twisting and tugging me onto her, and I imagined she was watching me as I flicked my tongue against her delicious, shaved pussy. The thought made me harder, snogging her cunt, lapping deeply at her sweet musky essence. She tasted so good, and waves of bliss broke over my body as Abena’s smoothed her palm over my head, stroking it as she writhed against the sheets and against my soaking mouth.

She was moaning now, as I glanced up to see her handling her own breast, pulling at her nipple, teasing herself even further as she pulled and wobbled at her straining flesh.

I went even deeper, every inch of my tongue fully inside her, probing and swirling. I looked up at her, wanting to see the bliss she was feeling all over her face, her closed eyes, her parted mouth. My shaft was pressing against the bedsheets, and watching Abena in thrall to her lust was making my cock even thicker.

I wanted to give her more pleasure, so I slid two thick fingers into her, rotating them tantalizingly in her dripping hole. my tongue flicked and danced teasingly over her rock-hard clitoris, finger-fucking her faster and faster. I couldn’t help but moan delightedly as I glanced up to see her throwing her head back in ecstasy.

Mouth and chin saturated with Abena’s pussy, I sat up and admired her supple body. She had spread wide her legs for me. Her eyes aflame with desire. I pulled her to me and, throwing a leg over my shoulder once more, I slid my cock deep inside her warm, wet hole. She gripped my shaft snugly, welcoming me home. I moved slowly, my thrusts insistent, and every moan that escaped her parted lips made me even harder, more determined for her to get every inch of my hard dick.

I laid against her, our mouths locked together once more. Our kissing was so sweet, so loving, even as I was fucking her quicker and quicker, humping her harder and harder. … then I rose to my knees, longing for Abena to feel the full power of my big dick moving inside her.

I took her hard, riding her fast, the bed creaking beneath us as we fucked without restraint.

Overcome by an overwhelming need to hold her close I pulled out, reaching to kiss her again. Being close to Abena steadied me or let me say excited me immeasurably and tonight both feelings were pulling at my body and my soul. The fact of the matter is I could stretch out and be vulnerable with her, be forgiven by her, be held by her.. The roaring, crackling sex between us was tethered and held by love, and I cherished that. I cherished her. And as the waves of love rose between us, lust crested again.

We were on all fours now, and I thrusted into her effortlessly, her pussy walls squeezing me, milking every inch and depth of my cock. The pleasure was building again. We were both moaning, and as she looked back to watch my pelvis moving, slapping against her gyrating buttocks, I knew I had to slow down and so I did, finding Abena’s neck and mouth again, luxuriating in her kisses. I didn’t want this moment to end, the connection to cease, but ……My cock had other ideas, and I had no option but to go with it.

At this point we were both moaning harder, Abena tossing her hair as she writhed against me. Abena reached behind for my hand, tethering love and lust together as she clasped her hips to mine, keeping me there as I pounded in and out of her. I saw her biting her lips, trying to hold my cock back but my intent to make this night unforgettable and to have her in many positions as she could take before I explode.

I was exhausted at this point so decided to lay flat on my back but Abena was not having it. She closed her wet mouth around my dick, as I noticed her reveling in the fact that she could taste both of us at the same time, just as I was. Her free hand stroked his chest, my nipples. I noticed how hard her tongue was making me feel.

She was an expert at blowjobs.

I raised my head in an attempt to watch her, but what she was doing to me was too good, the sound of her hungry lips smacking as she sucked me pushing me further and further to the point of no return. I had to use all my strength not to erupt into her mouth there and then.

Letting my cock fall stiff against my belly, she moved over me, her body melting against mine as she pressed her lips to mine and as we kissed, it was I who got to relish the flavor of both of us in my mouth this time round.

Abena mounted me again, as I held her hips, caressing and squeezing her buttocks. I needed to keep her there, to not let her go. Her ass cheeks parted in my hands as she slid vigorously up and down my shaft, moistening me with her juices. I couldn’t take my eyes off her jiggling breast in front of me. Lust enflamed my entire body

I needed her to ground me, steady me, keep me held so I could give in to all of it—the smell of our sex, the noises she made, the sight of her body swaying and rolling on top of me… and the feeling of her hot, wet pussy as she rode my thick cock into sexual oblivion. It felt like she knew and understood my body so well. She slowed her movement, bringing her body down to mine so we could hold each other once more. I was willingly enslaved by her, losing myself in her, cherishing this moment we have created together. Jeez!!! The ease at which she could take the thickness of my manhood surprised me.

Abena’s stiffening tits, as well as the way her slick pussy was milking my cock, told me she was getting close. As I helped her bounce up and down, Abena grabbed my hands to her hips and placed hers on top, holding me there, ensuring every part of our bodies became a sensual bond of love and desire. And then she was coming, moaning loudly, body stretched into her release. My pelvis still grinding against hers, Abena cried out in frenzied elation, wave after wave of pleasure consuming her body. She collapsed against me, as I enveloped her until her orgasm subsided, kissing her and each other lovingly while still inside her, moving gently. We stared into each other’s eyes, all communication between us clear now, desire ever-present and before I knew it, I was splashing my cum all over her walls, coming hard as she also held on tightly.

All that remained now was Abena’s pussy, wrapped hot and wet around my pulsating penis. Nothing else mattered, nobody else existed. We were in a place that only we knew.

Abena dismounted. Her hair brushing my face as she swept it over her shoulder pushing against my chest, raising herself up and away from me….

“we good?” I asked

She planted a long, languorous kiss on my mouth, which I received with a mixture of joy and relief, then climbed off the bed and retired to the bathroom.

I watched her go and smiled as the sweet relief as sleep descended gently……still in thoughts, wondering how I am going to survive dating both father and daughter. How do I break up with father without any problems or losing everything I have worked so hard for? How do I ask God forgiveness for everything I have done? Why should I be sleeping with my fellow man when God himself created this daughter of Eve…….. indeed not all that Glitters………………I dozed off with a prayer of forgiveness on my lips.