Link to previous episode in case you missed it http://PART VI – KILLING ME SOFTLY

PAUL: It doesn’t matter that we fucked so many times between last night and this morning because my dick was always hard and ready for more action.
I love how responsive she is, how tight she feels,
how wet she gets and honestly, how she’s so
fucking crazy and gives me that innocent look while she did crazily insane things to me. That turns my whole world upside down, makes me go crazy.
I love how submissive she is when I give her orders and when she tied me up last night? Fuck, that was the most erotic thing I ever experienced. How she rode me like her life depended on it and how hard she made me come.

“Awake in there?” she smiles at me and I move,
settling between her legs.
“Again?” she gasps and bites her lip, I don’t know
how many times we’ve gotten off for the last hours but damn, I want more.
“Hell yeah, again,” I grin and kiss her hard.
In seconds I’m inside of her again, she’s pulsing
and for a few moments, I don’t move. I just stay
there and enjoy how good she feels.
I’m grabbing her hips so hard I’m sure she’ll have
marks later but I can’t bring myself to stop.
And if there was something else that made me go
crazy was when I choked her and she called me
daddy while grabbing my wrist as I fucked her
harder and faster. It’s the innocence in her wild
eyes that made me fall apart, that and her milking
my cock.
I know that now that I had a taste nothing else will compare. She has ruined every pussy out there but I don’t care because as long as I have her sweet cunt I don’t need anything else.
“Fuck,” she struggles to breathe beneath me and
her fingers move on my hair.
“”That good for you, princess?” I ask her but I
know the answer by the way she trembled while
“You have such a big ego,” she chuckles “But, yes.
So good,” she runs her nails on my back as I hide
my face on her neck, losing myself in her scent.
We both fall asleep after that and by the time we
wake up on the late afternoon, I am so hungry.
I didn’t have the heart to wake her up, instead, I
walk downstairs and order our favorite.

We eat on the couch and while we’re watching a
comedy and she laughs, my focus is on her instead of the TV. How she laughs so hard she needs to hold her chest. Then she catches me staring and lays her head on my chest……she falls asleep and am left there recounting the conversation we just had…… She told me she wasn’t looking for commitment from me. Was she thinking I was not capable or I can’t give her that or it’s just a defensive way of protecting her heart …???? she made mention that it’s been only a month and that is too early to make any decision.

TISHA: I’ve never been more pampered in my life. Paul has promised another month to show me how he really feels about me And it felt So good. We cook together every day for breakfast and for dinner, have lunch together and fuck like bunnies.
What else could I ask for, He fucks like a
porn star and never failed to make me soak with wetness with just his words or just a simple touch. It’s like I’m on fire every time he’s around. There’s this crazy chemistry between us like anything I’ve ever felt. I want to feel his touch every second, to caress me. To hold me, to feel protected…..

Yesterday, I might have loosened up a bit, I left my panties in his desk drawer and when he called me over the phone and asked if I wanted to play naughty boss and bad secretary? Fuck.
“Ready, princess?” he calls out as he enters the
room, I turn to him, feeling so ridiculous in this
dress that’s probably more expensive than my rent.
“I feel ridiculous,” I puff as I turn to see myself on
the mirror one more time. The dress is amazing,
actually, it fits me like a glove. Makes my curves
look even better, it’s just so out of my league.
“You look hot,” he smiles and puts his hands on my shoulders “Bloody hot,” he whispers in my ear and I shivered.

He kisses my cheek and reaches for a black box, he opens it and reaches for the necklace “Turn around.” he instructs and I do as he asked me. He slips the necklace into my neck easily and gives me the matching earrings.
I don’t have to ask, I know these are real diamonds and that makes me so uncomfortable. He just spent so much money on me, I don’t like this and I don’t care this is nothing for him.
“I don’t like you spending money on me,”
.”I admit as I look in the mirror, I look… spectacular.
“Well, too bad. Get used to it,” he kisses me one
more time, his hands traveling from my breast down to my hips “Because every penny was worth it to see you like this. This fucking dress kills me and knowing what you’re wearing underneath? It’s taking everything in my power not to rip it out.