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After a long day of doing nothing than just talking, swimming and having fun, I was on the bed reading, Paul walked in. “Hey, how would you like to have dinner with my parents?”, he blurted out. My heart jolted wildly. “Why would I want to meet your parents? Your mom is like a modern day Margaret Thatcher. I wouldn’t want to be in a room with her for more than 20 seconds. She scares the day light out of me”. Paul laughs hysterically and said I was totally overreacting.

Paul’s parents scare me. I’ve seen them a couple of times when they dropped by the office to wish him a happy birthday and brought him gifts. They hardly spoke to anyone, never greeted anyone and never cracked anything close to a smile when they were around. I always thought of them as people who looked down at others not in their financial class and now I’m supposed to sit at the same table with them for long and actually eat and talk? About what exactly? The funny part about me being with Paul is, I never thought of anything else than just us, making love, having fun and just being us…..But it seemed to mean a lot to Paul and I was so interested in his happiness so I agreed to have dinner with his parents.

He got closer and gave me a long kiss for accepting to go for the dinner. He kept moving down until he reached my pussy. I opened my legs because I was so ready to be licked, but instead he laid his head on my belly, with his face right next to my pussy. With his hand he started tracing circles on my leg, then my inner thigh, and then my belly. Finally, he gently stroked the outside of my pussy and gently pulled my pubic hair. I looked down at him and the look on his face was as if he was in awe, like it was the first time he had ever seen a pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair and he said, “I love you pretty girl, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. How did I get so lucky?I love you so much, my wife.” Then he kissed my pussy very sweetly and softly. I smiled and said, “I love you sexy man, ignoring the wife part.” He just continued to lay there running his fingers across my skin, kissing me gently, and breathing in the scent of my now wet pussy.

He kissed them the same way he kisses my real lips. He was sweet and soft and even slipped his tongue in like he was French kissing me. He was in no hurry, but I was dying. I wanted him to do something but he just continued to be gentle and soft. I think after a while he must have sensed my angst because he got up on his knees then pushed my knees up. I felt my pussy open and my juices run down my ass.

He smiled and said, “let me clean that up for you.” Then he licked me from my asshole to my clit. OMG, I thought I was going to cum right then and there, but before I knew it he did it again, and then a third time!

By now I was moaning and in need of some serious movement on my clit, so I pushed his face down into my pussy. This inspired him to get a little aggressive and he went to town eating my whole pussy. He’d stop and suck on my lips then suck on my clit then go back to full on eating. I wanted his fingers inside of me, and I think he knew I did, but he loves to torture me so he kept them away.

After several more minutes an orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. I screamed so loud I was sure the neighbors heard me. I thought that would be it, and he would fuck me, but he just kept licking and sucking. He knows that after I cum from his licking I want to be fucked—immediately—but again he didn’t do what I wanted because he wanted to torture me (I hate it, but I love it when he does that). Only a couple of minutes passed until orgasm number two swept over me.

Sleep for me darling, we have a long evening ahead ….i was shocked he didn’t want to fuck me but I was drained from the sweet orgasms I decided to respectfully take the quick nap before the long evening ahead as he stated.

I know I said a lot of negative stuff about Paul’s parents but I need to give them credit for one thing, they do have exquisite taste. You should see the restaurant they hosted Paul and I at. One of the fanciest, surprising of it all is, it’s right here in Ghana, Accra. I couldn’t believe my eyes. So Paul’s parents were already at the restaurant when we got there, once they set eyes on Paul they were all over him, he was their sweet little only child. They acted like I was invisible, they didn’t even glance in my direction and my greetings seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. I just kept to myself quietly. We finally sat down to eat and that’s when Paul’s mother seemed to notice that they weren’t there with Paul alone. “Baby, aren’t you going to introduce us to your little friend here?”, Paul’s mom quizzed. “Mom? You can’t tell me you don’t recognize her. She welcomes you and shows you to my office whenever you come to visit”, Paul returned. She is even the one who won the hotel contract for us recently”. Paul’s mom and dad’s actions seemed to have gotten synchronised all of a sudden. They both raised their heads from their plates slowly and looked at me with utter disdain. It was as if they had perceived a very bad stench and suspected that it was coming from me. Paul wasn’t helping matters as he convinced me to put a small remote controlled vibrator in my pussy which he controlled from his phone. My panties were soaking wet from his depraved idea, I smelled like sex, I was then thinking that could be what they perceived. I kept sweating from all the sensations and awkwardness of the whole issue.

PAUL: I know my parents as very proud people but I must say that I’ve never seen them look at anyone with so much disgust. I even feared that they had probably found out our sneaky and naughty activity we were engaged in right in front of them. “What?! You are dating your secretary? This is wrong Paul darling. You know the tradition. Lola is just finishing her masters and you two can get married as planned. Is ok if you want to have fun with this one for the mean time”, mummy said as daddy nodded. “Paul darling, Tell us you’re absolutely pulling our legs and this is just a fling. You can’t be serious right? I can’t believe this!”, I thought my dad was going to handle this better but that was him speaking there. “Mom, dad. You guys are overreacting. You barely know Tisha, you can’t just tear down the woman I love just because you think her profession isn’t high enough. She is not her profession and she’s an amazing person if you get to know her. And for your information, she’s not a gold digger, she has done for me and given more than she has taken from me”. My parents were having none of it though. My mom shot back. “You already know you are suppose to Marry Lola, the vice President’s daughter. You know that man is hard to please and convince, but due to his great relationship with your father and how he trusted your father, he agreed to it. But here you are insulting us in our faces”. “ Your mom didn’t want to tolerate the idea of you finding a wife yourself because she knew how erratic you could be. I told her we should give you the benefit of the doubt and see what you bring to us. Maybe your choice could be better than what we had planned. But seemed to have proven your mom right and disgraced me. Your secretary?”, my dad was totally tearing into my flesh. Things got worse as Tisha who was getting a little overwhelmed with the sensations she was feeling down there giggled a little. I had forgotten about it. My parents looked at her straightaway and didn’t take that action lightly. “Oh you think we are funny?”, my mom asked. Before Tisha could say anything my mom slapped her wildly. I was so taken aback. Even my dad was shocked. Tisha looked at her with tears in her eyes and stormed out of the restaurant angrily. I followed her and helped her into the car and sped off into the cold night.

I was caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. It all came crashing down like an avalanche. All the nasty comments Paul’s parents said to me made me so livid but I was so horny from the sensations I was getting from the small vibrator. Paul and I were both quiet for most of the drive, it was starting to get very awkward. “I want you, I need you in my life, Paul said looking into my eyes and forgetting he is driving. Kiss me, Paul whispered”. “This is Dangerous and freaky at the same time. “It is late and there are hardly any cars on the road. I could drive with my eyes closed and we’d get home safely. Now go down and do what daddy says”. I knew Paul’s idea was a crazy idea but it turned me on incredibly. I came down and pulled out Paul’s big cock from his flap. I could already taste the precum. It tasted amazing. I went for the price and started sucking very hard. I got a little out of control and sucked too hard and fast as I had totally forgotten Paul was driving. Paul was having the time of his life as the great blowjob and adrenaline from all the speeding was driving him crazy. Suddenly I felt Paul stiffen up and I thought he was going to cum, I tried to protest as he said I was just getting him hard so he could fuck me. In a split second I saw my life flash before my very eyes. Paul’s driving got erratic quickly, I believe he closed his eyes and forgot himself. In a flash the car was filled with so much light that we both got blinded. And with a loud and long spell of honking, …..the world suddenly went dark and blank.