Incase you missed the previous PART IV- KILLING ME SOFTLY

“What are we still doing here?” he raises himself from the couch and grasps my hand, leading me to his room.
This is the first time I’m going to his room. The
room has a big balcony and a big sofa, behind there’s a custom-made bed, it has to be
because that’s way bigger than king size.
The sheets are navy blue and he rushes me to the
bed “Let me at least get comfortable, you should
take those cloths off as well,” I say.
“Trying to get me naked?” he jokes and winks.
He strips out of his shirt and it takes every strength inside of me not to reach and touch him,………fuck him like I want.
So instead, I undress out of my PJ trouser and I am left with the top and panty.

He lays on the bed, with just boxers, as I lay as
well. He has no shame in bringing me closer to him and make it crystal clear he wants me.This is what it should take to make me sleep with him, right?
Yet, I feel like this isn’t the right time for us. If
there’s ever going to be an us.??

PAUL: When I woke up this morning I had to pinch myself multiple times to believe what just happened last night, Tisha and I fell asleep on the couch and she joined me on my bed. Where she’s still laying on my chest.
I made it clear as glass last night I wanted her here, next to me. Yet, she didn’t make a move and maybe that’s my fault. I put all of the weight on her when it should’ve been me taking that first step.
I started playing with her hair and she smiles, so I
continue to massage her scalp. And it’s at this
moment I realize I’m starting to develop feelings
for her. Which is totally unacceptable but it’s also
something I don’t have control over.
When she elevates her face from my chest and
looks me deep in the eyes with a small smile I want nothing else than kiss her, but I control myself.
Instead, I tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and
“Good morning,”
“Morning Paul”, she smiles and sits up, her nipples poking through her shirt. Come on.
“Wanna go for a run?” I look at her angrily. “I’ll let this one slip, today. Let’s make breakfast,” …….

I lock myself in my office, not being able to focus
for the most part of the day. I have not had sex close to a year, it’s been work and building my empire and with her around and all, man….things were not easy at all. My cock gets hard whenever she’s around and I need to adjust myself multiple times so she doesn’t notice.
I was Mistakenly reading over yesterday chat and my hand pressed and send an emoji?

Thought we agreed on the same hour? She texted.
Is this a bad time?
I’m working..
So am I, wanna be naughty?
I need to work, she replied back.
Come on, just ten minutes. I’ll make it worth it.
I know you will, that’s the problem.
I’ll text you later then.
Fine. Just ten minutes!
I smile in triumph.
You got it, princess. Are you wet for me?
You’re such a liar.
You have a big ego, that’s for sure. But am really tight up right now so let’s make it in the evening as scheduled.

I had no choice then as I heard a knock at the door, Tisha walks in.

“Can I take the day off, really struggling with some headache”. “Am done with everything you asked for”.

“That’s fine. Tell the driver to take you then“. Let me know later if you need some drugs so I get it for you on my ways home. She nodded closing the door behind her.

When I get home I was surprised to find her cooking while listening to Some RnB on my sound
system. She’s dancing and singing as she mixes
something together.
“Better?” I shouted and she jumps, damn I need to
stop scaring her like this or one of these days I’ll
give her an attack.
“I knew if I told you I want to cook for you, you will never allow me.

I have grilled tilapia and chicken. Banku is already on the table and the jollof is also almost done.

“Is this cheat day?” I smiled at her.
“Maybe”, she smiles back and proceeds to stir whatever is in the pot.
“We need to talk,” she says, her tone and face
serious. Oh, fuck!! What did I do?

We sit on the couch and she takes a deep breath
“We’ve been sexting,
” she blurts and I raise my
brows “What are you talking about?”
‘You texted me yesterday afternoon and today
while we were working, it’s me, Paul,” I gulp
down. There’s no way it was Tisha all along. I sexted Tisha I fucking sent her a video of me jerking off and that picture it was her body. Holy fuck.
“How did you find out?”
“When you called me into your office, I saw the
texts and then when I asked you to take a picture with your name you confirmed it all to me,
My hands run through my
hair. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“Don’t be. We’re adults, we can move past this,” Is she seriously saying this?
“I can’t possibly do that. Not with you, Tisha I already have developed feelings for you, I’d only be lying to myself,”

I was obviously surprised with his honesty and I remained silent for a while.

“Paul, I…” she struggles with her words and as
much as I want to silence her with a kiss I knew
better. She needs to say the words. “I’m attracted to you, I can’t lie about that. But feelings? I mean, I adore you but I’m not looking for commitment,”
those words feel like knives piercing in my heart.
“Of course,
” I nod and look down not being able to
face her. Then she takes me by surprise by
grabbing both my cheeks and pressing her lips
firmly against mine, her tongue asking for
permission. God knows how much I want this but I push her and when she opens her eyes there’s
regret and sadness in them “Try this with me,
please. Give me a week to show you how it feels like to be so crazy about someone,”
” I caress her cheek with my hand “Let me show you how to love, and how you deserve to be loved. I press our foreheads together.

“Yes”, she said breathlessly.

She looks into my eyes in an attempt to know if the feeling is real and this time I’m giving her all she wanted in that first kiss, our tongues
fight for dominance and everything seems
completely perfect, everything feels more than
perfect until we’re interrupted by one of our
phones “Don’t even think about it,” I groan as I
push her against me’
” she moans “Let it go to voicemail, I don’t care. Do you?” “No,” she says and with that, I kiss her harder as she grinds herself against me. We don’t go farther than that, she gave me blue balls two times today. So while we eat dinner she
keeps giving me sexy eyes and when I finish my
Food too quickly and tell her to go put some
fucking lingerie on and a pair of heels she
practically jumps upstairs.

Dinner was delicious but now? I want to eat
something else.
And fuck it takes everything in me not to fuck her
right away when she shows up with pink fishnets
tights and nothing else except a pink
“Upstairs. Now.” I growl at her, the need in my voice is clear. Me behind her watching her magnificent ass bounce as she climbed the stairs.

I can’t be controlled anymore, I grab her hips and
move my hands to her ass, and I waste no time on
pushing her legs apart and burying my face in her pussy, just smelling it, so fucking good. I groan and grab her ass tighter, her gasps making me crazy. So I push her panties to the side and ate her from behind, intoxicated by her sweet scent and taste, until she’s a trembling mess in my hands.
We manage to get to the room and as I undress
quickly, she watches me, hunger in her hazel eyes
“You want this cock, princess?” I ask with gritted
teeth “Yes, daddy,” she moans and kneels before
me. Holy. She needs to stop looking so innocent
and crazy at the same time. Fuck me.
“Take it all in your mouth,” I say as she pushes my
boxers down, her eyes widen as she grabs me softly
“It looks even bigger,” she licks her lips and parts
them slowly letting my cock get inch by inch into
her mouth until it reaches the back of her throat.
“Fuck, yes. Relax your throat for me, easy;’
.” she obeys, her big eyes looking up at me as I hold her hair out of her face “Yeah, just like that, princess,” I close my eyes and she starts to bob her head. I mutter a few curses under my breath as she gets me closer and closer every time
“I held her hand and pushed her on the bed.
She falls to the bed and I follow her, hopping on
top of her and ripping her panties in a matter of
seconds. Her gasp makes me smirk and she looks
between us to find her ripped panties on my hands
“I’ll buy you new ones,
” I whisper in her ear as I kiss her neck “Are you on the pill? I don’t think I can take you with something between us,”
“I’m safe, I’m clean,”
” she bites her lip.
“Good, me too.”
I don’t need anything else,

I don’t need anything else, all I need is her legs
wrapped around my waist as I dig deeper into her
tight cunt as she moans my name, over and over