You don’t know pain from a heartbreak until you have to force your heart from loving somebody you gave yourself completely to.

You don’t know pain from a heartbreak until you feel like you are drowning but a part of you just want to scream itself out of you.

You don’t know pain a from heartbreak until…………………., (fill in the blanks and share in the comment section)

But to the men or women who let a beautiful soul loose……we wanna say, THANK YOU!

Thank you for not loving them the way they deserved.

Thank you for not choosing them.

Thank you for not being the person they hoped you will be, because the gift you gave them was greater than anything they could ever imagine. You gave them the gift of a wake up call of their worth. Allowing them to see for the first time in a long time exactly who they were meant to be…. Priceless!!

Allowing them to see exactly what they could be. …..Adorable

Allowing them to explore the possibilities of a better life, a better partner. …..heavenly.

Allowing them to find happiness within themselves greater then anything they have ever known……self love

So today I want to appreciate you on their behalf, Thank you to letting a beautiful soul loose