Link to the previous just in case you missed it PART V – KILLING ME SOFTLY

I still can’t believe what happened between Paul
and I last night. When I figured it out I’d been
sexting Paul I was in shock and turned on. And
knowing we’d both been doing it with only a thin
wall separating us made me insane.
I’m wrapped in his arms and I can’t possibly sleep
again. I fell asleep after we were done with round four, it was impossible to stay awake but right now? I just want to go again, he’s like the drug I can’t get enough. Only if he wasn’t asleep
“Paul?” I rub my ass against him and not even a
second later his hand is gripping my hip “Yes,
princess?” he kisses my naked shoulder “I need you inside of me,” I moan as his hand finds its way down my stomach “Not like this. I want to…” the words won’t leave my mouth “Tell me what you want,” his voice’s so sexy, so commanding ” I want to tie you up,” I admit. It’s been a fantasy of mine, tying him up and doing everything I want to him. “Oh yeah? I think I have some ropes somewhere,” he says, a smirk on his lips as he kisses my back “ Are you serious?” I turned to him “Why wouldn’t I be?”
“I don’t know…”
“If that’s what you want and if it will bring you
pleasure then I’m not thinking about this twice,’
“he caresses my cheek and kisses me briefly before getting up from the bed. His cock’s already so hard, “I’ll be right back,” he winks as he leaves the room.

He comes back quickly holding some red ropes
“This good for you?” he puts it on the bed and I rise
“Yeah,” I smile at him
“I’ll let you do everything you want to me, but fuck I need to hold you again,” he grabs my hips and kisses me “You need to stop,
” I said softly as we separate, his mischevious smile making me go crazy.
“Lay down, let me take care of you,” I push him to
the bed “Can you do something for me?” he asks,
his voice so freaking sexy “What’s that?”
“Get those stockings back on, then you do whatever you want.” I smile at him and started tying him to the bed.
After making sure he’s restrained I put the tights
back on, his teeth pulling at his lower lip. Looking
at Paul and seeing him like this makes me so
horny. He’s willing himself to me completely.
I grind myself against him as he closes his eyes and curses under his breath. I decide to put him out of his misery, sliding him inside of me. We both groan and I support myself with both hands on his muscled chest. I move up and down slowly at first but as we’re consumed with lust I move faster and just as I’m about to explode I stop, not wanting to come like this.
“Tease,” he smirks and I kissed him, “I thought you’d like to come as I reverse cowgirl you,” I grin and his expression changes, almost as he’s in pain
imagining it. I love messing with him.
“‘Turn your ass around, ride my cock,”
Fuck, I’d be damned if I didn’t. That was all I
wanted to do. Rode the nine-inch cock and made
him come inside of me.
So I rode him faster, pushing my ass back at him as he groans and tells me how good my pussy looks while milking his cock. I’m going crazy with his words. I come so hard while screaming his name, I’m pretty sure my voice will be gone by tomorrow morning.
“Fuck yes, your pussy looks so fucking good. Keep
riding daddy’s cock, just like that, princess. Fuck,
“I didn’t stop riding him and when he came, my
name on his lips, I realize this is what I want. Hot,
dirty sex. With my sexy ass boss, Paul.

By the time morning comes, the bed is empty and
the water is running. I stretch and groan as I feel
the soreness from last night. It doesn’t matter I
work out every day, my whole body hurts, in a good way. Constantly reminding me where he has been.
I get up and follow the noise, finding my way into
his master bathroom. His naked look body making my mouth water. His back muscles flex as he runs his wet hair, I opened the door quietly, wrapping my arms around his torso from
behind as I lean my cheek against his back.
“Morning, beautiful,” his thumb caresses my hand
and I press a kiss to his back.
” I keep kissing him up to his neck, and then his shoulder… feeling his abs flex as I run my fingers through them until I grab his hard cock.
“Someone’s hungry,”
” he chuckles as I start to pump him faster.
“So hungry,
“I moan before his hand stops me and
he turns to me.
“We’re going to be late for work,” the amusement
in his voice makes me want to hit his shoulder
“Don’t joke about work,” I say and he chuckles.
“Wanna call in sick? I bet the boss wouldn’t mind,
in fact, I think you’d make him so happy if you
skipped work,” he kisses my neck and god do I
want to say yes. There’s nothing else I want to do
then spend the whole day with him while we fuck
in every inch of this house.
“Are you crazy? Both of us calling in sick?”
“I’ll give you a raise if you skip work today,” he
“Paul!” I slap his shoulder lightly and he laughs.
“Call in sick, be naughty with me,”
” he begs, his fingers finding their way inside of me.
“‘Yes,” I moan and close my eyes.
“Yeah? Good girl,” he kisses me hard.
“But no raise!”?
His hands gripping my hips tightly “Loved the
show you put on last night,”
” he murmurs in my ear,
licking my earlobe slowly and then bitting it “And
as much as I loved you riding me like I was your
favorite toy, I like calling the shots and I can see it
in your eyes how much that turns you on.” I grab
his neck, pushing him closer to me.
“Kneel.” his voice is husky and commanding and
every muscle and bone in me obeys.
“Open,” he smirks as I part my lips “Good girl.
Suck,” I grab him and he shakes his head “No
hands, just your mouth,” his grin grows wider as I
obey once more.
Being like this, seeing how much pleasure I’m
bringing him makes me feel like a goddess. Hearing his grunts as I go deeper and faster makes me so hot, more than I could ever imagine.
He helps me up and as he presses me to the wall he also grabs my thigh up and pushes himself against me while we kiss deeply.
“Are you sore?” he caresses my cheek and looks me in the eyes

“Just a little bit,” I admit and kiss his jawline.
“Fuck, are you sure? Don’t want to hurt you, baby,
“Shut up, fuck me,
“I say and with that, there’s a huge smirk on his lips. He tugs at my hair exposing my neck to him as he slides inside of me.
“So fucking tight,” he groans and hides his face in
my neck while sliding in and out of me slowly.
We’re so lost in the moment, lost on each other that by the time we finish it’s the time we usually leave the house.

He makes a call in sick. We relaxed, cooked danced and cuddled the whole day. What else could I have asked for.