………………..This was the beginning of my adventurous life.

It was a cold and chilly morning. The sun was not up yet as he pulled me into his arms. We had so many things in common. Our relationship was special I believed, we believed. We loved like boyfriend and girlfriend, we understood each other as husband and wife and it felt special. I woke up next to the man I have grown to love so much…….in just a month of reconnecting. We ate breakfast together ……..you can imagine us feeding each other, giggling through out…….just imagine ??


He looked at me with his mouth open and I could see him getting hard through his boxers. I got into the shower, the water was a bit hot for my liking so I turned it down. Cold water running down my skin, over and around my nipples and ………..The next thing I feel his warm hands around my waist; one comes up to my left boob, finds the rock hard cold water nipple immediately and the other hand goes down to my honey pot and strokes my clit with a gentle touch. I arch my back as he’s touching me and I use my right hand to feel his rock hard cock and stroke it. My left hand found his neck and he kissed me passionately. He turned me around to face him and smiled saying ‘wow! Look at those tits and pussy, I want you!’ I smiled and put both hands on his cock, moving my hands to send him tickled vibes down his massive cock. I move forward so that I can tease him by putting the head of his cock up to my clit and letting him slide it inside me. He pins my hands gently up against the wall, he slide into me deeper, filling me up inch by inch. He takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks until I start to feel as though I’m going to cum. He moves in closer, lifts me onto his cock and puts my back against the shower wall, we fucked like that for a while both enjoying ourselves.

Exhausted we both lay down on the floor, naked. He moved inbetween my legs and started to lick my clit. It was good then it became more intense and he made me cum, legs shaking and all!

So I returned the favour and he got a blow job which he said was the best bj he’d ever had, I got a taste of his pre cum but he wanted to carry on from before so he felt me to see how wet I was….very! He asked if I wanted his cock inside me and I said yes, inside me, now, please! He started off in missionary and really got in deep, it felt so good! A warm rock hard cock sliding in and out of me and covered in my wetness. Then we changed it around to doggy style, he started slower but then went faster and harder, tugging at my nipples and massaging my tits as he pounded me. I came again and he held off for one more until he couldn’t take it anymore and he really needed to give it to me. So he really started going at it, slamming his balls up against me and filling me up with his cock, ready to cover me in cum. He started getting louder than I was and said oh baby I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! And so he did, as he started cumming I could feel his hot sticky cum inside me. He pulled out and carried on wanking until he spun me around and finished by caking my tits and rock hard nipples in his cum. He licked it off and lay sucking hard on my nipples while his cock calmed down. He made me cum again from touching my clit and sucking my nipples!

(What am I even typing ………??enough of the sexing)??

It was a whole weekend of us getting to know each other intimately. A weekend never to be forgotten 


As I stated earlier, I am married, married for the past 19 years with a very adorable 18 year old girl. 

So let me tell you about my husband and our love life. It’s funny to look back on how our story began, more than 25 years ago. I was on my senior class trip with all of my friends. I attended an all girls school, a popular one at that and he attended an all male school, it was love or lust at first sight. Smart, neat, handsome, his slang was something else when he tapped on my shoulder and said “Excuse me, I don’t know if you are seeing someone or not, but I want you to have this” , his number written on a piece of paper. I didn’t say anything. We kept stealing glances at each other all day through out the excursion.

For some insane reason, I couldn’t find the sheet of paper when we got back to school. I have lost my chance of finding love as we didn’t exchange numbers, I only took his. Not a single day passed without me dreaming or thinking about him . It was torturous. I had a terrible term, and always wondered how he felt.

My dad picked me up from school after my last paper. He had a call on the way and asked to pass by a restaurant to pick up some documents and also get some food. Imagine who I saw in the queue 

The best way to explain it is that I felt like time stopped at that moment. It was a feeling I had never experienced. I think I stopped breathing as I looked at this guy and knew instantly that my life was about to change forever. When he turned and saw me, he walked up to me and hugged me so tight …..…..whispered, “I am In love with you”. As silly as it might seem, I felt that way too but said nothing ……….forgot he was with his mum who looked so confounded. My world froze. He knew what he wanted and it was clear.

This time he didn’t take any chances, he took my number and e-mail. We found ourselves chatting with each passing moment. We were pretty much inseparable after our first date or outing. We were just teenage kids but pretty much felt it was right. Our parents kept advising us on what not to do and all. Obviously no intimacy. We only held hands and hugs but it felts so good and satisfying every time.

We were admitted into different universities but that changed nothing. It was him or no one else for me. No man looked as attractive as him in my eyes. 


School was on strike but we both decided to stay back and study for our final exams.

One evening Killie, my boyfriend, now my Husband oh I had not mentioned his name since. He is called Killian but I called him Killie. He called that he was on campus and wanted us to have dinner. He asked that I bring an extra dress as he will love us to spend the night together. I was scared, anxious, excited, just list the vocals.

I dressed up and he picked me up. He had matured and grown so much in stature but most importantly I was proud of us. We had abstained but my spirit told me things were about to change this evening. It was a fantastic dinner I must say, ………. As we walked to the room, he stopped by the door and pulled me closer to him…….that kiss, that kiss ? was nothing I have experienced before.

We went in, took our showers separately but when I stepped out he was standing by the door waiting ……….

Killie knew exactly what he was doing, I was beginning to believe. He kissed me softly, holding my face in his hands he told me how he had longed to kiss me all semester. He was telling me all kinds of nice things. Things no one ever said to me before. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I just melted in his arms.

It wasn’t long before his hands began exploring my body. The first thing he did was remove my robe, then as he kissed me he ran his hands up and down my soft virgin legs. His hands slid up under my tee shirt and grabbed my breasts. This was the first time he had touched my breasts. Within seconds he pulled my shirt right off. It happened so fast I don’t recall even having the time to object. I was sitting on the bed topless in only my panties. I was so embarrassed and tried to cover my boobs up with my arms but he just held me and kissed me. He told me to just relax and trust him. I was hypnotized and just surrendered to him.

He began playing and exploring my boobs, he seemed to like them and his big hands felt warm on them. He then began sucking my nipples. It seemed odd that he was sucking nipples and so fascinated with my boobs but I was thrilled that Killie liked them. He told me I had fantastic boobs and that he has dreamt of touching them ever since we met. Killie took off his shirt and then pulled me to himself. He reached down and in an instant my panties were off. Oh my God I was naked. With one hand he held my wrists up above my head as he lay on top of me. His bare chest rubbing against my bare chest as we kissed.

Again I had no experience and things were moving very fast. I had no idea where this was going. I had no clue what was to come next. I was young and naive

I liked him so much and trusted him completely. I didn’t want to say “no” to him. I didn’t want to sound like a child, I wanted him to know I was grown up and a woman who was worthy of being his girlfriend. He could do whatever he wanted and I would follow his lead. He had complete control of me and he knew this.

His hand slipped between my legs and he began rubbing my virginal area. A finger was pushing its way inside of me. I wasn’t sure why but I wasn’t going to ask. He stopped kissing me and sat up, as I lay there naked. He pulled off his pants and then to my surprise he pulled his underwear off. I remember to this day the shock. Holly shit, I had never seen an erected penis. I was confused, in shock. Things were moving very fast and I was confused and getting scared.

He parted my legs and maneuvered his hips between them. He positioned his cock for entry. Then he started to push his way inside of me. Long story short we made love, painfully sweet, ….wistful ………..….. He fell off of me gasping for air. I felt his cock slide out of me as he fell beside me. I asked him if he was OK and he responded with a blunt “yes”. He put his arm around me and he held me as we lay there on the bed. . I was in heaven in his arms, confused, but in heaven

As we laid there I felt something oozing out of me. I reached down and felt this thick sticky liquid. I got some on my fingers and was examining it when he began laughing.

After about 15 minutes of us chatting about school and assuring each other of our love, we started kissing again with me on top. He sucked my tits and flicked his tongue around my erect nipples. I felt his limp penis coming back to life. The sensation of his cock slowly growing was wonderful.

I eagerly began to ride him.

I was enjoying it this time. I could tell he was getting ready to explode again that’s when he stopped me. 

“Will you marry me after graduation” he asked.  Still inside of me. The thought alone was enough to make me reach orgasm. I kissed him with everything I had. We both climaxed together. 

Nine months after this “delicious” escapade, our daughter was born ??

To Be Continued……….

Disclaimer AGAIN, For those who will be asking………………, this is just a made up story. She is not me and I am not her. Please let me know what you think. Click on the star sign to like. Leave a comment below and check out my other stories when you get a chance. Enjoy!