She’s a girl who brings joy to everyone.

She radiates a smile that brings sunshine.

She’s the meaning of happiness.

Until one day…. she gave it all to a person that she thought would love her back…..genuinely and completely.

She gave everything that she forgot to give herself. Now her smile hides her greatest pain.

With nothing left for her to breathe again……

Do you really, truly, genuinely, deep in your heart think that, the same person who had you up crying at night, scrambling for an explanation as to how they could treat you so horribly and as if you are undeserving of BASIC human decency is like……your destiny?………like that’s your king? Your future? ……….FUCK NO!!??

People will hurt you…….And you’ll get broken

They’ll make you fall for them……….but then leave you……or lie to you.

They’ll get your trust……then break them into pieces.

You’ll get broken over and over again.

Because You can leave a toxic relationship
but if you don’t heal what attracted
you to them, you will meet them again.
The same demon, just in a different

…….But THAT time will come that you’ll be able to fix your broken heart by Loving yourself.??

No matter what You go through, do not give up.
No matter how many setbacks You’ve had, Do not give up.
No matter what kind of household You grew up in, Do not give up.
No matter what the report says, You refuse to give up.
If God is for us, We can defeat all that comes against us.

One day, when things become clear, they will realize that they have lost you. They will look for you in every person they meet, but You will be gone FOREVER.

You deserve to be with someone who thanks God for you and treats you like the blessing you truly are.