I laid on my bed tossing from left to right like a die in the hand of a player seeking for a six. It’s 1:17am; the night is far gone with my eyelids refusing to rest no matter how hard I shut them. Truth be told, having a decent sleep has not been working out fine for me in recent times, knowing my life will never be the same without him.

I tuck myself into my blanket as the night becomes cooler. To ponder on goodly happy thoughts…….

I recall seeing my crush, I smile and see him walk up to me……. Determined not to mess it all up, I look at him taking a proper record of his physique- not so tall but definitely dark-Chocolate and handsome. I stretch out my arm to meet his with my eyes locked in his……like it was meant to be.

Silence spoke volume in seconds of stares which may have turned to minutes. My dark cheeks nearly got burnt from blushing and my eyes, rolled excessively in a bid to hide the twinkle. We exchanged pleasantries as I adjusted for him to settle in, …beside me. The bar/club was so loud, so we needed to get a lot closer.  We were breathing so close, I hoped he did not feel the thud of my heart. Honestly, seeing him so close was a big deal. Having him talk with me, sit beside me, smile at me: I wished it wouldn’t stop and I wished it wasn’t the alcohol manifesting its powers. His breath smelt so good all i wanted was to kiss him so bad… but I controlled my thoughts

“I have been looking all over for you”, he says. “So, have I”, I mutter under my breath. We both wanted to impeach the other but never had the chance.

Here I was tucked in bed, living in my head and maybe in my feelings too. Nevertheless, I was excited to have met him, the man of my dreams, but never a long-term reality.

First year in the university, still a naive virgin, all I wanted to do was have fun and study hard. Being away from home and my parents for the first, I wanted to do things……… not what just popped into your brain. I wanted to have decent fun, clubbing, dinner dates, relaxing at the beaches, travelling etc .

One afternoon after lectures I had a call from a blocked number, asking how my day went and how good I was looking. He had a silky, dry, sexy voice.  Enquired about his name and he said Jeezy. That answer pissed me off and turned me cold. He informed me he had dinner waiting for me in my room and wanted to take care of me after a stressful day…….mmmmmm that sounded nice but all efforts to know who he is proved futile.

He was the gossip for the night with my roommates as everyone wanted to know who my guy is. I didn’t have the answer and they all assumed I was being secretive. He called after two hours to asked if I enjoyed dinner. We had a little chat here and there about how lectures are stressing us and the quizzes ahead. he told me he is an English student – can you imagine? How will someone waste money to go to the university to study English!

The pampering went on till the semester ended. Every day I came back to my hostel, from a stressful day with dinner and other gifts on my bed but not knowing who it is from but as a young lady I enjoyed every bit of the pampering to the fullest. I had a friend, a support system to also talk to and share my day with.

Then 3rd year, 2nd semester everything seized. For a week I had not heard from him or received anything. Now how am I to call back? The only name I knew was Jeezy, which obviously was a made-up name. I was worried. I couldn’t study, my grades started falling. I had all the funny thoughts run through my mind. Has something happened to him? Has he stopped schooling? Has he been sacked? Has he gotten fed-up of me already?

I realized I was in-love with the man I have never met. Or maybe just infatuated. The semester didn’t go well as I struggled to get through and also get over him. I started enquiring from my hostel male friends if they knew anyone by that name. Finally, the semester ended with no word or call from him………absolutely nothing.

Slowly I started moving on but not forgetting the nice gifts and pampering received from that stranger. Indeed, he made my days in school a very relaxing and exciting one. I went back to fully focusing on my books after all that was my reason for being in school. The semester and my years in school flew by so quickly and in no time, I was sitting for my final paper. To which I came out in flying colors.

Through the help of my parents and divine connection, I got a job right after school. On my first day at work, I got a surprising call. This time there was a number, the voice hit me so hard, and I shouted, Jesus, Jeezy, is that you? I miss you so much. I could feel his smile from the other side. That day at the training I basically zoomed out, just thinking about him and what we could have been. We basically chatted the whole day.

He gave me the story of not being a student at that time but rather an under-cover agent trying to connect with someone they have been chasing for years. Obviously, I didn’t believe his side of the story, but yeah, that was his story.

He agreed to meet up after work and as I sat at the bar waiting for him…………I knew this was going to be a night to remember.


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