The worse part about missing you is the feeling of being alone. It brings tears to my eyes.

In pain, it makes me moan. Your hugs and kisses are what kept me smiling through the storm. But here I am, rotting away without your touch.

I want to touch more than your body and penetrate more than your soul, feeling your heart against my heartbeat in rhythm as one with the pleasures of our emotions.

I need you in ways I find hard to explain. I had long forgotten how to live; my days are often dark and nights, long with never ending thoughts. You need me too; you need me to show you what real Love feels like…….

You are my sin, my willing desire, the one who fills me with urges of extreme sexual cravings.

You are my sin, as you are My life. Saving Me from death of sameness in life. Nothing hidden, nothing forbidden, take me in all the ways you wish, all the ways I choose. I passionately lust for your feel, your taste, your forbidden fruit. As you are My sin, so I am your sire ….

Come share my space with me, fill the void that has your shape, that empty spot between my arms waiting to be filled by you.

I don’t want sex, I want the things that lead up to that….
The slow kissing then the passionate hissing then the pulling closer, the neck kisses, the grabbing, biting, heavy, breathing, grinding the pauses whiles you catch your breath feeling each other bodies, revealing our souls

Back me up against the wall. Use your knees to spread my thighs. Tonight, I ask you to talk to me without whispering a sound. Let your body speak softly what your lips have longed to say, and I want to feel every unspoken word. I want to touch every inch of your body with every inch of mine, whiles forgetting everything else….. and the night, coming to a successful end