Our afternoon and evening were fully packed with activities. We later met up with his friends, and as usual, the “our wife, our wife” drama from the boys didn’t cease as they all kept saying all the nice things and how long they have been waiting to see me. One even chipped in the “he not being with anyone and always talking about me??. Boys, lies and drama, SMH. ??
I kept smiling from ear to ear, taking all the praises, pretending I was having fun when all I could think of was the slightly curvy dick I had caressed earlier.

“I want you inside my mind, smothering my thoughts, and indulging in my dreams. I want you inside my heart, dancing within my ventricles, and flowing through my affections. I want you in places the most gifted surgeons would never gamble to dissect. I want you, all over me…….

He closed his eyes as I whispered those words in his ear whiles caressing his thighs.

For a moment we both forgot where we were as he held my face and our tongues intertwined giving me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. He didn’t just kiss me, he claimed ownership. His lips, full of dangerous intentions, fiercely claiming me, assaulting my senses, shocking my heart. He tasted like ecstasy.
I just wanted to go home and let him have his way with me or me having my way with him??

You wanna get out of here, He asked?
I smiled, looking deep into his soul.
His friends said nothing as they watched us leave in amazement….

We didn’t last that long, the journey back home seemed too long as the sexual tension in the car grew stronger.
“Can I kiss you”? he asked. I smiled and drew closer as he parked the car at a bus stop.

I couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. I felt as if I was lost in a world of me drowning in him, suffocating in him. Nothing could feel more real or more enticing than this moment. He ran his hands down my body and between my thighs. He pressed his fingers against my most sensitive spot, as I groaned into his lips.

“God, I want you now,” he said. “But I know how uncomfortable making love in the car can be. Let me drive you home and treat you like the queen you are”.

How had he cast such a spell on me? I could never get enough, of him, that I am very sure, cause when he is touching me, I start to crave him even more.

He leaned over towards me, on the bed, sliding down his zipper, showing me just the hint of flesh and reaching out without thinking, tugging himself out of his trousers and into my greedy fingers.
Now as he stares into my eyes, making sure I am glad this night is happening and checking if I am okey…. Reaching up, He finds my tits are high and firm, solid because of my arousal. My nipples, stiff and puckered, desperate for him to suck. I was basically begging with my eyes for him to take me and ease my pain.

God, his cock is so hard against my hip, and I need him so bad. He can tell when I moan into his mouth as he pushes a hand into my hair.
“Let’s find out how much you want me“, as he slowly kisses my entire body, making his way to my honey pot. He takes to his knees, and I honestly can’t believe what we’re up to.

“I needs more than just a piece of you, I need the whole of you. I love you; will you be entirely mine”??

As his tongue made way, licking and sucking the life out of me, I could only close my eyes, availing myself wholly for his pleasure. He starts to plunge his fingers in and out of my pussy, the pain, the pleasure, my walls tensioning, when he stops, because he knows I will shatter if he’s not careful.

When he teases that first orgasm from me, his fingers fucking my sopping bloody wet pussy, nothing ever felt this better than the cry of a virgin’s release and my walls shuddering around his two drenched digits.

I love you, you’re so fucking gorgeous,” he whispers in my ear, again.
I lose my mind and close my eyes, willing him to take charge and do as he please, take me in whatever way he wants to. He slowly caresses my hips with his big hands, reaches round and touches my sex with featherlight tenderness…
I’ll come again, I will, by just his caresses but it’s his slightly curvy cock I want—that’s how I want to come.

He sits down, his erection pointing at the sky, plump and slick with desire. Eking out the pleasure, I sit astride him facing the other way, rubbing his cock between my thighs and clit. I can hardly breathe. His hands are on my hips, on my bottom, then my waist. He’s kissing my back, panting so hard and groaning. I want him so much. I just want to make the most of it.

Riding the length of him with the length of my pussy, I continue to glide along his hardness, an out of body experience starting to assault me so that it doesn’t feel like me anymore. I’m too lightheaded and drowsy with desire to believe this is actually me he’s making love to. I wish more than anything he was already inside me but I also don’t want it to be over and so I continue slaking his cock, riding him crazily, like I would no way be able to do if he were inside me—because I’d have already come.

Hungry for the taste of him and our desire, I switch positions and take him in my mouth. I can see it’s got to him, too. He’s held hostage by this. With every lick of his cock and every pump of him with my hands, I want him more, my pussy contracting, leaking, the heat at my front wall near unbearable. I love how he looks so hard and just so desperate. I adore how I’ve got him all to myself, with nobody to interrupt.

He’s so thick I don’t know how I fit him inside me, he gentle pushes me on the bed and takes over. His cock slips easily inside, loving each and every single inch—how he swells me, makes me feel complete.

I love how strong and solid he is, how I can go wild, and he can take it. The pressure inside me builds and builds, my front wall red hot, my clit sending pulses down the length of my vagina until I grip him, shiver and come, wrapping around him until I can’t control myself anymore, we both can’t control ourselves. We moan out loudly as we both allow ourselves the pleasure of an orgasm. Throwing my legs open, he licks between my folds and tastes what he just did to me. His tongue is all I can handle after such a deep, penetrating orgasm, and it’s even more intense because I’m watching his handsome face buried between my legs, his tall, strong body a servant to mine.

Words of lust dripped from his talented tongue. Each one stroking the flame within my mind. Igniting the fire within my body as we danced on the edge of pleasure……. love insured, body devoured, virginity lost, bodies lying side by side panting like we have just finished running a marathon….

He kisses me, deep and long, while spooning me from behind the next morning. His big, gentle hands stroking and squeezing at my bum in those small silky shorts. It gives me a kick of that naughtiness that, for some reason, my heart’s always chasing. The need to feel insignificant-yet-cared-for at the hands of a softly dominant man. I love everything about him. He’s perfect. I love how he’s a gentleman. 

I have been away from home all weekend with the excuse of work taking me out of my station. I called home to make my parents aware of my arrival back and me being on my way to work as he had gotten me an office wear and dropped me back at work. I felt like a woman, on top of the world, satisfied and ready for a lifetime adventure. 

He picked me up after work and dropped me home, insisting I introduce him to my parents which I did, and they fell in-love with him instantly. I never got tired of just looking at him, how he spoke, how he acted, like a perfect gentleman drawing me deeper and deeper.

Our romantic love grew stronger by the day. A year of life together and he just keeps getting hotter. I know the fire is meant to go out at some point, domestic monotony should dull the flame. But it didn’t. I stare at him each day with the same hunger, the same almost-schoolgirl crush.  And I want him. Every day. In his boxers, in his sports gear, in his pajamas. I hide my endless adoration sometimes because it feels almost silly to still get this worked up watching a man and getting turned on. He picked me every day to work and back and we kinda did everything together.   

A year on he proposed, wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. The joy it brought me, having to spend my life with the one person that broke me, the love of my life, the only man that tickles my fancy. The boy of my dreams proposed to me for marriage! Our parents agreed to our marriage, happily. They accepted our relationship and in 6 months we were going to be married. we started counselling and making all the preparations towards it……….the engagement cloths, wedding gown, just name it.

But all good things must come to an end, right? Except our ending was one I didn’t see coming. 

Two weeks to the engagement, we decided to spend the weekend away. I noticed he kept ignoring a call. Asked why and he said, the weekend is dedicated to me and not work. I took his word for it because he had never given me any reason to doubt him. 

“I need you to come over here and fuck me senseless,” I called to him, seeing how troubled he looked which was unlike him. I kicked the sheets a little, becoming brattily annoying at the man who was unknowingly ignoring my advances. 

More was needed. I kicked off the sheets completely, spreading my legs wide so my pussy was fully exposed, facing right at him. Both hands stroking my pussy now, tracing the wetness around my clit, swollen and ready. FUCK ME NOW! I screamed silently. It finally worked, and he looked up and met my eager eyes. He half-smiled but made no move to give me what I wanted, at least not yet. Instead, his eyes moved deliberately to my cunt and the hands that caressed it.

“Show me,” he said without moving his lips.

My hands moved faster, urged on by my audience. He continued to playfully feign disinterest, but that didn’t stop me, I was too far gone. My pussy responded to his gaze, squeezing around the finger I pushed inside, getting wetter the more he denied me. My back arched as I ground onto my own hands, my eyes closed as I got closer to the orgasm, he wanted me to have for him. 

I followed his glance and saw how hard he was, his cock outlined by the straining fabric of his boxers. My foot was resting on his thigh, so I moved it closer and ran my toes gently along his cock from base to tip.

“I’m yours now, his kneeling pose told me. I’m hard and ready, do what you want.” he murmured

The power was mine. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I sat up, grabbed his shirt, and pulled him face first directly into my pussy. His tongue darted out, tasting my slick, warm wetness. 

And then the destruction started. My phone wouldn’t stop ringing and I couldn’t concentrate on us so decided to pick the call.

“May I speak to Cross,” the female voice at the other end asked. Shocked and confused I handed him the phone. He walked to the balcony when he saw the number. I could hear from cursing and warning the person not to call me again. 

What he did wrong was deleting my number after receiving the call on my phone because that got me curious, and curiosity killed the cat …. I am a smart lady as I stated in the previous Part so in a flash, I did memorize the number and made sure to type and save it under no name when I noticed the deletion. The rest of the day was not memorable as he seemed very far away in his thoughts and wouldn’t talk about the call.

We returned home the next morning. I called the number several times but didn’t go through. 

During lunch, the Monday after, I received a call from that same number asking for us to meet before I made a lifetime mistake. I was confused and instantly ordered a car to go meet her at the mail.

She shared with me, the story of her life, traditionally married to Cross for the past 7 years, with 3 kids…….what a wow!!! The funny part, she had known about the relationship all along and all she needed was for me to know the truth about him and make my own decision. She made me promise not to let him know about our meeting and to know that whatever decision I decide to take will indirectly affect her and her marriage. 

“The man loves you dearly, but just be careful because he hasn’t been truthful in one way or the other,” she reminded me, leaving me there confused and in tears.


And all those feelings I’ve turned into anger are brewing into something else, something that terrifies me.
He broke my heart; he has obliterated it. 

Lying in bed, recounting everything that has happened………….I still had a decision to make. 

All good things INDEED must come to an end.

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