If you have not read the previous, PART II – KILLING ME SOFTLY

The week passed by quickly. My apartment still
needs to be fixed and I shouldn’t be happy about it.
I’m loving living with Paul. We drive together to
work every time, I even join him on his morning
runs. It shouldn’t be this easy with all the sexual tension between us, but it is. We both know nothing can happen deep down.

We have a 14-hour flight that I’m not looking
forward to but I know it will be worth it. I’ve seen
pictures of the hotel we will be staying in and it looks unreal.


“You want anything to drink?” You really don’t like flying?” Paul asked
“Alright, let me get you a glass of water,” he
motions for the flight attendant that practically
jumps at the opportunity
“Can you get us a glass of water?” she nods immediately with a way too friendly smile that I want to smack from her face. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m feeling very jealous, I usually keep it to myself but this level of jealousy is something new.
I hope that when I wake up I’ll be in Palma or at
least really close.
My wish was realized. I wake up as we’re landing.
“Hey”, Paul smiles.
“Did you sleep?” my voice’s raspy as I rub my eyes.

“Yeah, just woke up too,”
Of course. He looks the exact same, so put together.

Paris is the dream. It’s hot just like we thought it would be and we’re now on our way to the hotel.
We’re greeted by Mr. Roth “Welcome! “How was
your flight?”
‘To be honest, we slept most of the trip,” Paul
says while shaking his hand with the man.
“The flights are way too long,
‘he nods in agreement and walks us to the lobby.
He gives us a quick tour of the hotel and the public places.
“I’ll walk you to your room,” he smiles.
“Room?” I ask, panic settling in.
“Yes, I got you the suite. You and Mr. French are
married right?” my mouth opens but nothing
comes out of it. All this time he’s been calling me
Mrs. and I didn’t realize or even linked it to this
possibility. I can see Paul is amused by this, his
smirk grows every second.
“We’re not married,” I blurted out.

“I’m so sorry, I just assumed. You were the one
doing the business meeting and I just thought,”
Paul interrupts him “It’s fine Mr. Roth, you had
every right to assume that. We’ll just find Tisha
another room,”
If Mr. Roth face was any indication of what was
happening I was sure it was bad.
“All the rooms are booked for the weekend,” his
words are barely audible and all I want is to run
inside the room and lock myself.

“‘There’s no problem, we’ll make it work. Don’t
worry about it Mr. Roth,” Paul assures him and
the man nods before saying goodbye and
apologizing one more time.

I should be thrilled I’m sharing a bed with Paul,
instead, I’m panicking and I don’t know why. Am I
afraid He will see right through me? Am I afraid of letting something slip while we’re here? I don’t
know the answer to those. All I know is that my
poor heart is hammering against my rib cage.
Paul seems to feel my hesitation and worry, he
moves closer and puts his hand on my shoulder
“It’s okay, I’ll sleep on the couch if you want,”
“No,” I answer quickly, way too quickly.
“No?” he raises a brow and there’s a hint of a smile ? forming on his pink full lips.
“No. I mean, we’re both adults here. I think we can enjoy a king-sized bed without……”

“Fucking”, he finishes and I nod.

God, I need to put myself together.
I look around the room “This is even beautiful in
person,” I say and he nods in agreement.

“I know we came here for a business weekend but I made my decision a long time ago. I’m buying the hotel. So all the work you need to do, you’re doing it on Tuesday, back in the office. Enjoy the beach, the pool, the spa. Whatever you want, charge it on me.”
He pops the bottle of champagne that had been
delivered and offers me mine. “To a new beginning” ? ?

God what, a new beginning, it will be indeed. ————————————————————-

PAUL: I knew she has a reaction to me, one I only realized once we started living together. It’s how hard her nipples turn whenever I’m around, or how she eyes me when she thinks I’m not paying attention. Her joining me on my morning runs and watching her firm breasts fall up and down in those small sports bra always made my morning.
I can’t get involved with her. It’s as simple as that.
It doesn’t matter if I want her and that she wants me. I’m her boss, she’s my secretary and runs the
business when I’m not around. Nothing is going to
happen, or that’s what I like to tell myself.

We headed to the beach together and I think I
might be savoring the idea of seeing Tish in a bikini.
Good, God. Nothing would’ve prepared me for that. Her body is toned and when she steps out of those shorts I had to pull my chin back up so I don’t drool. Does she have any idea how hot she looks while stripping out of her clothes casually?
She turns to me with a smile, way to go. I was
caught in the act.
“Apply sunscreen on my back please, will you?”
she asks and I nod. I’m so fucked.
I reach for her sunscreen as she picks her shoulder- length hair forward. I linger my hands
on her back for a while, I’ve spread all the lotion
but I keep my hands there “You’re all done,” I said
and took my shirt off as she turns to me.
This time she’s the one caught in the act, but I
couldn’t care less. And neither did she, because
she didn’t seem bothered by it. Fuck woman,
you’re killing me.

We spent the rest of the morning on the beach
until it’s time for lunch. We decide to order some
food into our room as she took a quick shower.
She shows up with a mini towel wrapped around
her body, that barely covers her ass. I’m sure she
had robes in there, no? Whatever, I’m not
She sits on the bed, her dry hair falls on her
shoulders “I’m gonna head for a shower too, food
should be here in five,” she just nods.
I enter into the bathroom and the smell of roses invades my nostrils. Oh, her sweet scent of
Roses always drives me insane. I want to devour her. I shower quickly to avoid all those thoughts.

I’m exiting the bathroom when she’s putting her
bra on. Fuck me, now. At least she’s not facing me
but her ass in that black thong is, and if my cock
was semi-hard, now it was painfully hard. She turns to me and I pretend I wasn’t looking at her amazing ass.
Why is this even worse? I saw her in a bikini,
underwear is the exact same thing, right?
“Food’s here,” she said.


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