My apartment is a mess, a fucken mess. I got inside not caring I was in heels and work cloths, I start to pack.

After packing all my wet clothes, my makeup,
bathroom essentials and laptop. I look like I’m
ready to move, technically I am. Which makes me
think, “where am I going to stay?”

“You’re not going to find anything tonight. I could check you in one of our hotels but they’re all booked. You can stay at my house tonight.”, Paul murmured. “I would love that, however, I can’t accept it. But a part of me, the rational one knows damn well he’s right. I won’t find a hotel in the middle of the night like this.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to bother you.”

“You won’t be a bother at all. I have six guest rooms waiting for you,”, he grabs my big black suitcase and starts walking out of the apartment.

Paul tells me to follow him upstairs. He placed my suitcase next to the bed as I was still observing the room. This house is so pretty, I wonder if he had someone decorate it. His voice snaps me out of all of the thoughts “You like it?”

“This is, amazing. I couldn’t ask for anything else,”I smiled.

“There’s the bathroom. I’m next door. Make yourself at home.”

“Thank you, Paul”. I smiled one more time before he exited the room and closed the door behind him.

Is this even happening? Am I at Paul’s home right now? Am I sleeping here for the night? Someone just pinch me or wake me up. For years we have never been this close, so what just changed??

“It’s fine, If you need to get to work later tomorrow, To sort things out. He shouted. The laundry team will come and fix things up in the morning.

it’s totally fine,” I said siting up.

“No, that can’t happen at all. I got you a meeting with the Hotel team so all contracts can be signed and finalized.

“Alright. I’ll see you at eight thirty, tomorrow, I nodded as I watched him leave.

I woke up early to prepare breakfast, the least I could think of as appreciation. He came sweaty and shirtless from his morning ?‍♂️.

“Morning, I whispered”, he just stared, as if wondering if I was naked underneath the bathrobe.

“Good morning. Slept well?” He managed to ask.

“Best sleep of my life,” I almost moaned.

“Good. I’ll take a shower and I’ll be down in a bit.

“Oh, how do you like your coffee?”

“Black. You don’t have to make it, I’ll do it,”

“Silly, that’s the least I can do, I said.

Going to shower,” I love that you have taken charge and bossing me around”, he said with a naughty teasing smile.

We all smiled as I watched him leave, we are leaving the house by 8:30 so pls be down by 8, I shouted.


I love her outfit Paul said to himself. That suit looks way too hot on her. It should be illegal. All the way to work all He could think of is how much He wanted to press Tisha to these doors. Or maybe fuck her while she’s bending over his desk. Yeah, definitely that one. His hormones had been running wild since chatting with the stranger.

“You’re gonna stay there?” Tish’s voice brings him back to reality. He realized how comfortable it has been these past few days.

He knew as a gentleman he needed to help find her a place. He also didn’t want her to stay with him either because his thoughts has been running too wild.

When she knocks on my door and tells him it’s time for the meeting, he is back to reality.

For now he needed to concentrate on getting the Hotel project executed to satisfaction.

Please join the meeting, is only fair since you convinced the team and got us the project.

The meeting went well, better than expected. “Hope u are joining me to Paris to look at the project”. “You got me the deal. The only thing I’ll pay is plane tickets. You work too much, you need the rest. Ever been to Paris before? It’s beautiful,”

“NO, I have not, but we’re not done discussing this!” Because I have things I have to sort out and this isn’t part of the plan. I need to get my apartment fixed among other things please.

“Sure, books us two first-class tickets. That’s an order,” he closed his office door behind him.

I couldn’t think of anything aside Paul the whole day. My day turned very unproductive after the Paris discussion.

I couldn’t take the sexual tension anymore so I walked to his office and sat on the edge of Paul’s table. I believe he got the message. he got up and walked towards me as I gazed on his stiff cock.

He stands between my perfect legs and we kiss deeply, my breasts and tight tummy pressed against him.
He reaches between my legs and finds my mound and touches it. It’s the first time he’s touched me like this and I couldn’t stand it but moan….

He kisses my neck as I rubbed my hands on his hairy chest. Am very very wet now. He pushes me back onto the table and spreads my outer lips and licks ……the pleasure …….He spreads my inner opening, slippery and smooth. He teases and strokes my clitoris with his tongue, I am squirming, I placed my hands to his head but he breaks away and reaches around my legs and holds my wrists, and then plunges into me with just his tongue. I struggled against him as he teases me. I moaned so hard. I want you, I murmured as I took the head of his cock into my mouth and suck on it gently rubbing my tongue on the underside as Pleasure swirls up
through him. Paul feels as I teased the first drops out along the underside. He strokes my hair as I kept sucking the life out of him and keeping eye contact to make sure I get it right.

I felt his cock gripped. We pulled away from each other. We both knew how much we needed each other at this point.

He cleared the table and parted my perfect legs making sure my pussy was in clear sight and whispered, “ that’s a sweet wet pussy right Infront of me”. He holds his dick and pushes it in as deep as he could as I swallowed his full length

“Tisha, I have been calling you for the past few minutes, dreaming of Paris already, Paul giggled.

If only he knew …….


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