I was slightly drunk, horny and alittle depressed or frustrated, I don’t even know which is which ……Mainly because I have not had sex for over a year. So I decided to fool around by dialing any number that came to memory. It was picked up by some guy on the other side. I disconnected the call without even answering as I became uncomfortable.

Later that night while sleeping I remembered that incident and gathered some courage to call again, intentionally this time.

I called and a man attended the call. His voice was very low and hence it was sounding very sexually appealing.

I apologized for the late call . He said, it’s ok but he was not sure that I was speaking to the right person. I confidently introduced myself and cooked up a story about my phone being missing and how I have been tryin the whole day to call a friend. We had a lengthy conversation Which turned out to not only be fun, but hot, sexy and quite dirty.

I didn’t imagine this guy will be good at dirty talking. He had an effect on me through the phone and I could only imagine what he will do to me in person. We decided to be friends and call or chat anytime we wanted. My exploration didn’t go in vain after all.

Over time we shared almost all our sexual fantasies. From what tickles our fancy to sexual positions just name it. Every single details was let to bear. We knew we will never meet so why not be silly and carefree. We both understood the assignment. We will chat endlessly every little chance we got. I had fallen for a stranger……fallen in lust?

I was having fun sexting him one hot afternoon at work when my boss called me to his office. I tried to look like I wasn’t completely turned on.

I stood there for a few moments to take in his beautiful sight. His fine long nose, his full lips, his dark chocolate skin, fine face, …….until his blue eyes meet mine. But also I realized a massive bulge on his pants and a whole conversation on his tablet screen which looked similar to my chats. Should I question him to be sure. Am I really sexting my boss or my brain was playing a smart one on me.

“Kindly get me the file I asked you to work on yesterday and get ready for the meeting” he asked

Anything else sir, trying to hide my surprise.

“Not at all” he smiled and went back to facing his tablet screen, I believe waiting for the response from the other side or teasing.

The fact is, I love working here. Paul is a good man and the best boss I could ever ask for. He is sweet, funny, very generous and very professional.

I absolutely adore my work, I may be his assistant but I’m the one who runs everything whenever he’s not around. Give him new ideas all the time, I even stay late for work most times.

I’m about to sit on my desk when the telephone rings back again.


“Tish, sorry. Can you come back in here?”


I walk back into his office and this time he’s not typing, he’s looking at me, he’s giving me all the attention in the world. His eyes travel up my body and lock on my breasts. He snaps quickly, realizing he’s staring and clears his throat.

“Do you have any plans for this afternoon and evening?” his hands are clasped together and his sleeves are now rolled up. Those arm veins…….. Control yourself, Tisha! I told myself. Knowing everything I knew about him made me yearn for him…..hard.

“Uh… no? I don’t think so,” I struggled with words.

Why is he asking me this? I’m sure it’s for professional purposes.

“Good. Would you mind covering me up in the meetings instead and join me for dinner afterward so we can discuss how it went?” his brow raises slightly as he waited for my response.

Wait a second. My boss, my sexy as sin boss asked me to join him for dinner.

“Sure, yeah,” I tried my best to sound normal. And not be super excited about this dinner. I reminded myself, this is a business dinner, not a date! “Perfect, I’ll pick you up whenever you’re ready,” he gets up and picks his suit jacket.

“Didn’t you want me to bring you the files I worked on yesterday ?

I walk before him as he left his office.

“It’s not necessary, I’ll do it myself. Get ready for the meeting, it’s in thirty minutes I’m guessing?” I nod as I walk next to him.

“Alright, text me when you’re done. I’ll be here by seven anyway,” I nod again, completely speechless.

“You are the absolute best, Tish” he says again and gives me a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.

I didn’t dream that did I? Paul didn’t just tell me to join him for dinner and kissed me on the cheek. Calm down, it’s not a date. I tell myself one more time. I’m not his type anyway. From our chats he likes slim, big breasted, chocolate, natural hair ladies. I am fair, with long permed hair, curvy but not big breasted.

The fact that I know his type makes me realize I needed to not think what I was thinking.

I checked the time on my wrist and almost jump, I have 5 minutes? I’ve been daydreaming all this time because of Paul when I should’ve been re-reading everything I had written earlier for him to say on the meetings.

I grabbed all of the files I needed and rush to the meeting room, already finding the clients there. inside.

The first meeting goes perfectly fine. Everything goes as planned and as I’m preparing for the second my phone rings.

As soon as I see Paul’s name my exhausted and terrified look turns soft.

Hey,” I say in a sigh.

“Hello, how was the first meeting?” his voice’s sweet like always.

“Good, I’m on my way to the second.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you to it. Thanks for covering me, Tish”

“You’re very welcome. I need to go.” I frown not wanting to end our conversation that quickly.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see you soon.” he’s the first to hang up and I put my phone in silent mode before getting into the last meeting of the day.

I’m organizing everything at my desk after the second meeting. That was even more of a success than the first. I just got us a deal for a new project and the amount negotiated for was a huge one and a huge win.

I start to hear someone shouting my name repeatedly. At first, I can’t make who it is until the American accent stands out as he curses “Bloody hell”

I smiled “My office.” I shouted back.

Not even a second later Paul is inside my office, his suit jacket unbuttoned and his hair messy.

“Where were you?” he seems preoccupied.

“Right here, why?”

“I called you and you didn’t answer. I was worried.”

“Sorry, my phone is in silent mode. I lost track of time,

“I apologize as I check my phone, ten missed calls and two texts…….Shit.

“It’s fine, are you ready?” I nod as I pick my purse.

I was expecting his town car to pick us up, instead, he’s the one who’s driving. He opens his Maserati door for me and lets me inside before closing it one more time. The interior is stunning and I know for a fact it was custom made. It’s black suede and has tinted windows. I remember him asking to get it customized because he didn’t like the leather. Rich people problems.??

The car roars as he turns the ignition on “Holy shit,” the words escape my mouth way too fast and he chuckles.

“Buckle up, “he says still amused at my words.

He puts some jazz music on as we drive through the streets of Accra which are extremely busy like always.

“I got us a reservation but since we’re late I guess we’ll have to order dinner,”

” he frowns as he looks at the watch on his wrist. “It’s okay, I’d prefer to eat at home,” I assure him. it’s fine, I was the one who got us late in the first place. “Alright. I’ll drive back to my place, there’s no traffic on the way,” as he turns.

His place is gigantic. Unlike everything I’ve ever seen unless on TV. The house has three levels and an enormous living room. “There are some menus on the kitchen counter. “Choose whatever you want, I need to go upstairs really quick. Make yourself at home,’ he jogs upstairs as I pick the menus from the kitchen. But I’m not worried about the menus although I’m starving.

All of my attention is on the decoration of the house. I’m so lost on taking this whole place in I didn’t see Paul leaning in against the wall and watching me. “You scared the living days out of me, “I jump as I saw him, my hand instantly going to my heart and the menus fall to the floor.


” he grins as he helps me pick all of the menus back.

“What did you choose?” It’s now that we’re face to face that I realize that he’s barefoot and shirtless…..damn he smells good.

“I haven’t,” I said as I look back at the menus.

‘You like pizza?”

“What kind of question is that? I breathe pizza,

” he laughs as he walks back to the couch. He opens his laptop and I sit next to him.

“What kind?”

“Meat lovers,” I answered “Alright. I’ll order a pepperoni one too, extra cheese?”

“Perfect,” I clap my hands.

“Do me a favor? Take those heels out, make yourself comfortable. It’s been a long day, your feet must be killing you.”

Truth is, my feet are indeed killing me. As I slip out of them he comes back with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

“Red’s good?”

“It is,” I smile. I love red wine.

“So, tell me about the meetings.”

We discuss everything about the meetings and I decide to wait until giving him the big news.

“We won the biggest contract of the year, the Hotel contact worth millions. He looked at me in a way I have never seen before, a very awkward moment…….our heads got closer ….. his doorbell rings

“Pizza time!” We talk some more during dinner and the pizza is great, totally ignoring what happened moments ago. This moment seems so natural, it’s intimate but it feels like we’ve been doing this for years. I don’t want this to end, ever. It feels great, the neighborhood is calm and quiet and I don’t want to go back to my little apartment.

Well, suck it, Tisha! Because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. In a few years maybe you’ll have enough money to buy a similar house. For now, you’re stuck to your apartment.

We’re laughing when my phone buzzes.

“Sorry I need to take this one,

” I pick up my phone as I see my landlord’s name on the screen and Paul nods.

“Tisha, no coming back to apartment, there is flood”. My landlord is the sweetest but his English sucks.

“I need to get my things then, “No, no coming back, big flood,” ” he repeats.?

I will be there in 30 minutes. I hanged up the phone, picked up my heels and started heading out. I need to grabs my things. My house is flooded. “I will go with you, he said picking up a shirt and slippers on the door way.


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