There’s a playfulness about the way he searches for my tongue before he pushes in, encouraging me to suck it, which I realise I’m doing, pulling him further into my throat.
At this point my brain wondering why he is encouraging me. The man who has been preaching to me for weeks…..When he held me tighter,
I decided to pull back. Immediately I did, we both said sorry at the same time.
Sweetheart, I am sorry, he repeated again and again. I have no intention of disrespecting you. And will love to do this right instead of us rushing into something we might regret later. You can imagine the grin I had on

I smiled, and thought to myself, disrespecting me, you have no idea who you are dealing with.
He gave me a kiss on the forehead and within a twinkle of an eye he was gone …..hhmmmm
Pastor is playing hard to get. “The battle is the Lord’s”, I whispered and entered my house with all smiles as the night has been fun and fruitful.

I couldn’t get him out off my mind. Some how I think he sparked something inside of me I didn’t think or know existed. I don’t believe in love so I decided to think is lust. I took my shower and later took my phone to send him a message but he had already beat me to it ….. it read, I am outside your door, please come out……I jumped.

He was on one knee when I opened the door, the shock…?? what’s he doing on one knee, this isn’t what I am thinking..

“I want to be the one temptation you never have to resist, the secure space where you can let your dark side emerge without feeling afraid or ashamed, the dependency that satisfies your primordial hunger. We have not known each other for long but I believe the end goal is to get married as both parents have already stated preparations. Will you want to consider being my wife?
I didn’t know what to say. I wanted him but isn’t this too fast, I asked.
“As I stated, the end game is to get married, I am dangerously in love with you and don’t want to wait anymore. I want you baby, as much as you do.
“Yes, I will marry you” I found myself saying.
“I don’t have a ring though”, as we both burst out laughing. He gave me the longest most romantic kiss I have ever had.
Am doing this I said to myself. It was all kissing, cuddling and talking the whole night. Spending a harmless night with him made me understand that life wasn’t all about sex. As we held each other close, skin to skin, our heartbeats had a conversation…. nothing felt this peaceful. He charms and tempts… captured and claimed me. Between resisting and surrendering, fighting and submitting, lies the thrill. He knows his boundaries beautifully but kept pushing my limits a little further every second as he stroked my hair…. caressing my body….

Indeed happiness is waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling the heat of the person next to you. You turn around and see them in their most peaceful, innocent, and vulnerable state. You smile, kiss their face in the most gentle manner so as not to wake them. You turn back around and an involuntary grin forms on your own face. Nothing beats your man pulling you close even in their sleep, making sure you are protected.
It was a night to remember.

We both called our parents first thing in the morning and scheduled a late lunch meeting with his parents. You can imagine the screams and excitements from both sides.

Meeting his parents was a nightmare mainly because I have organized some deals for his dad before. We all have something to protect so I hope he accepts and behaves without selling me out and NO I have not had any sexual encounter with him. He needed some ladies for one of his vacations to which I gladly organized for him. He in turn gave us one road contract plus large notes -if you know what I mean. And God being so good lunch went better than planned.

It was one planning after another the weeks that followed
I tried a couple of times to seduce him but …..
Do not judge me for wanting to be sexual I have wants and needs. I have erotic desires
that do not resemble plain vanilla
There is no way in hell that I am the only woman who thinks I needed to know or have a taste before my wedding night. So what if it’s not working right. What if he is too small? What if things don’t knocks things well?? The what ifs kept me pushing as he kept resisting making me want him more. His every kiss, hug or cuddle kept me sinking deep into his love.

“The fact that I haven’t devoured you yet is a testament to my self-control, but once that’s gone, you are gonna regret this” he told me one hot afternoon when I almost went too far, and trust me, I began wondering if pastor was that naive or just being careful because hhmmmm, he touched the right places very well…….I mean…..very well.

Can’t wait for the day when I go to bed every night all snuggled up next to the love of my life and get endless love and cuddles, I teased him.

The wedding went on smoothly as expected. Quite intimate wedding with few friends and family.


His eyes studied me as his hands ran over my body, the look in his eyes almost daring me to stop him, letting me know he was the one in control here.
“This is so you know just who it is you belong to… me a passionate breath taking, choking kiss and helping me out of my dress, I wondered how the night was going to be like.

When he finished, he spanked my ass then left me to undress fully as he went into the bathroom to shower asking me to join him when ready.
After we showered, amidst lots kisses and touching, we sat down to a bottle of wine, as his hands were all over me. He grabbed me & held me against him so I could feel him getting hard, I let out a moan to tease him a little more & that was all it took. He turned off the TV & led me to the bed and in a flash his hands were exploring the mechanics of my lingerie.
“You’re such a tease” he murmured in between kisses

That was exciting which made me suck on his tongue a little too harsh as he tightened his fingers around my boobs. I pinched the back of his hands & he got the message that I wanted my nipples tweaked which he did diligently. I watched him strip until he was bare all that while locking eyes with me, I was transfixed at what I saw, he looks just perfect & I just want him real bad. I opened my legs to him in invite, “it’s all yours, come for it.” I whispered he smiled back.

I wasn’t sure i would ever get used to the size of him. Maybe i didn’t ever want to. The satisfying stretch as the fat head of his cock slid slick across my tongue. The taste of sweet skin and fresh salt. The smell of his soap, clean and bright and the slight, heady musk of him underneath. Stronger as he eased his way inside my throat until my nose was nestled against the soft little tuft of hair at the base of his big dick. I would never tire of this.

I swallowed around him, and he groaned. The sort of groan that made me whimper in return and rub my thighs together, seeking friction I knew I wouldn’t get, fucking him with my mouth – it was the closest that I could ever get to satisfying my greed for him, my desire to have all of him, consume him, eat him whole.

At this point I ached to touch myself and as if he heard me, turned me over and buried his face in between my thigh in a 69 position. It had been so long ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Pastor Andrew, my HUSBAND didn’t stop touching me elsewhere, even as he slipped a finger inside whiles licking and sucking the life out of me. I parted so easily for him; he immediately added a second finger. As I moaned, listening to them slide in and out of me.
“You’re so wet.” Awe in his voice. “How do you do it, hmm? How do you get this wet for me? Do you like sucking cock,….Allow me to teach your body one or two…. His naughty voice bluffed. I was close to coming when he stopped, “Don’t stop” I almost shouted. “Not yet my love, not yet., he whispered”

He kept me balanced on the knife’s edge. His mastery of my body made it seem effortless. Made me feel like he could do this all night. Like he would do this to me all night, using my own pleasure against me.
Shaking as though I would come out of my own skin, I finally, properly, begged.

He made every fantasy and dream I have ever had, even some I have never dared to dream of, a reality.
He freed my mind and helped me to let go of my inhibitions.

He grabbed my hips, closed his eyes & he started pounding, he started massaging my clitoris in the steady way he imagined turns me on and my excitement increased, my body started to convulse, and my pussy squeezed hard on his joystick as I grinned into a shuddering orgasm.
My body went limp, but he continued his frenzy as he held me up by my hips, again he slapped my buttocks, I gave a shrill squeak. He grunted and groaned as I felt his cum blast my dark depths. He pecked my waist before he pulled out to go to the bathroom & that was how I fell flat on the bed. He came back and carried me to the bathroom where we showered together, got into bed and pillowed talked about the whole ordeal.

“Today I vow to love you, To be yours forever,
It’s the day that I become the wife, Of the man that I have grown to adore within the shortest period.
Before you came into my life, I never really knew that I could feel this for anyone, the love I feel for you.
I’ll be beside you every step,
Through all life brings our way.
Today I vow to Love you.

Let’s all try to forget my little secret about my job for now…… He only knows I run a very successful consultancy firm. Our Pastor husband doesn’t need to know everything???. We will solve it as Married couple as we ride Along…… we have been fantastic ever since. The love of my life.

THE END or ……..LET’S SEE ??

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