I had already loosened one buttom; the aim was to see if he will notice and how he will communicate that to me.  He was uncomfortable for some few seconds as my firm fair rounded braless breast stared into his face. “Sweet, seems those sweet oranges want to fall down from its tree” as he pointed to my chest. I smiled, “you’ve got jokes” I murmured, “Does the new owner want to hang it on the tree properly before it falls off?” as we both burst out laughing. We had a smooth lunch talking about ourselves and life in general and I must say, He was worth every minute of my day.

I stood up to leave. ‘Pastor Andrew, I said seductively, here is something for you,’ I extended my hand holding a small gift box. He reached for the gift as our fingers touched. I didn’t remove my hand. I held on for a moment longer than he thought necessary. He didn’t want to believe what my eyes told him. He didn’t want to think about the possibilities wrapped in the moment, I on the other hand enjoyed every moment as we hugged.

He struggled to keep his thoughts pastoral as his eyes were fixated on my thick lips but his emotions slipped out of his control like an eel in oily hands. The touch ignited the passion that had been hiding beneath his camouflaged spiritual mien. His thoughts meandered like a crooked river out of the straight path of the ethical into the sensuous path of the amorous. I smiled and saw his face flush. It lasted for barely a second but it was all I needed to realize this was going to be a journey.

He didn’t know what to say. His fingers were still clutched in her hand. ‘When will I see…’ he caught himself on time. ‘God bless you,’ I held his gaze. ‘I will see you next Tuesday,’ I answered the uncompleted question in his mind with a teasing smile.

He swallowed hard as I walked out and sat in the car.

He sat down heavily on his car like a depressed tire. His mind was trying to process what was happening between them, but he was distracted by my scent which held sway all over his shirt as a result of the hug like fragrant incense offered to a pagan fertility goddess. He rolled down the window facing my car and watched as I drove out of the premises. He placed his left hand on his temple and felt a vein throbbing. That was not a good sign. He made a mental note to check his blood pressure before the day ended. He sipped some water which did nothing to quench his thirst. His throat still felt parched, as if he had eaten dry, uncooked rice.

Things were moving too fast for him. Way too fast.

I was the first to get dressed for church on Sunday as I slept over at my parents the day before. My parents kept laughing from ear to ear as if to say they have won the battle.

Church service was the best…I kept my cool but as an incoming Osofo Maame I needed to be seen as someone they can all come to with their challenges. I spotted some pretty ladies that I thought of using in my “Ministerial Projects”, but I resisted approaching them for reasons best known to all of us. He didn’t waste time approaching me after church and that felt good. We exchanged pleasantries, had small chat and promised to see each other the next day. I knew very well I will come out with an excuse to rather meet him on the Tuesday as promised. The change will keep him wondering and missing me and also for him not to think I will be available as and when he wants. It has been just a month, but it felt like a lifetime, match made in heaven.

Tuesday came fast. He picked me up late afternoon from work as he kept disturbing me with messages of how much he wanted the evening to be worth my time. Dinner was wonderful……. the gist, the teases, truth or dare, the walk……I had never felt this way about any man…. Or let me say, have never availed myself to feel like this before. Neither have I enjoyed the company of a man like this.

Strangely it’s not until we reach my doorstep that our lips met for the first time, when we attempted hugging each other goodnight. That moment could not have come too soon. I had been yearning to make sensual contact with Pastor Andrew for the last three hours since the movie, dinner and all that.

Our lips are still together; neither of us have moved or made a move. Encouraged by the bottle of wine we’d shared earlier in the evening; I press my mouth very slightly into his. My question becomes a plea. Please, Andrew, open up and let me in. I want you.

Ecstatic, I felt a response, as he slips his tongue into my mouth. He is firm, wet, eager. I enjoyed the novelty of its presence, pleased that a part of Andrew is inside me. Ready for our dating to turn into hot steamy sex.

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