As a young lady, whiles my peers thought of becoming doctors, nurses, accountants, pilots, engineers……just name it, I thought of becoming a SEDUCTRESS, but an educated one who will not only use my looks but my brains to seduce and manipulate anyone, both males and females to succumb to my wishes. Rather than live a life of stress trying to be a career mogul, a style icon, and someone who’s emotionally available, I rather wanted a soft easy life. I wanted to be able to connect ladies to rich men of all ages without having to be touched by them, top grade, highly intelligent ladies with similar ideas but willing to work under me. Glamour, fashion, flashy cars, a home decor you will always want to run to…. just name it, it was the soft life for me.

But being a lady from an African God-fearing home, we all know that is too far-fetched. I came to a conclusion to make sure to educate myself well, to please my parents, that is please my parents first and then my soul and the rest later.

I went to the best of schools. A straight A’s student I was. Liked by all the lecturers for my beauty, brains and smartness, I was determined to come out as a first class.

Don’t get it twisted, I knew what I wanted and being a feminist in a country where men are hailed and women are to be submissive, I wanted to prove a point that we women lead the game. Manipulative enough to get whatever we want, whenever we wanted it. After all we women were the first to eat the apple of right and wrong, apple of wisdom…..expect nothing less. God knows why he said men should lead us.

Level 400, I formed a group. I was an executive in SU so nobody could even connect me to any of these dubious ideas. Since this was just an idea, we needed to visit one of these clubs to learn what the real deal is. Luckily for us we met a lady who was willing to teach us the act of seduction and we being fast learners, it didn’t take time before the head of the strip club wanted to see us pole dancing.

Since we all didn’t want to be known we named ourselves the masked girls. Within two weeks we were in the VIP section and clients had to pay big to watch us, we were untouchable. I made sure we all maintained our high GPAs and we all graduated with an enviable 1st class.

My father being a Minister, I had all the connects I needed to make this work. An engineer by day and a Pimp by night, it took me less than 3 months to set up my own consultancy firm. Only high-profile people knew what exactly we were into. I had a bevy of ladies at my call, doing my biddings. One had to call to tell us what exactly they needed for the weekend for us to provide and in turn a fat contract among other things.

By 25years, my parents were super proud of my achievements. A business to my name, getting big time government contracts, two houses well-furnished and a fat account. The conversation of they wanting me to get married came up too many times. What more did they want from a young lady? What is more important than being rich and influential? And above all doing all this before the age of 30. I couldn’t fathom their warped logic but that is the mindset that’s synonymous with ‘typical African family’. They believed with so much success came with the difficulty to find a man who will want to marry me.

I told them I didn’t mind getting married but it would be hard finding a man that’ll fit my status and drive, because I didn’t see myself submitting to a man below my standards. Considering the kind of man my parents would want me to marry, the man can’t possess those qualities and still have the ambition and drive to tame me. But someone once told me, never underestimate the lengths an African parent can go to prove you wrong.

After much cajoling and convincing I agreed to go to church with my parents for just one time. After about 20 minutes of sitting through a very cringy and judgmental preaching I walked out of the auditorium and went to sit in my car to wait for my parents to be done listening to the hogwash that was being spewed. After about 2 hours, a heavy knock on my glass startled and woke me up from the nap I was having. It was some dude I had never met before. “Prease mama Judith say make I bring you to am”, he said. I begrudgingly got out of the car and followed him to where my parents were. As expected they were all over the place greeting everyone and everything ???. I prayed silently that they shouldn’t dare think of showcasing me to their church members like I’m something they just bought from the boutique. Much to my utter dismay I heard this, “Aha! Sweetheart. Bra wai. Come and meet your family in the Lord”, your guess is as good as mine, that was my mom. She introduced me to a bunch of people while enumerating my achievements to them. All of that was met with comments like “do you know me? I’m your second mother o”, “eiiii my small wife, you’ve grown so big”,”ei maame Judy, you have this beautiful daughter and you’ve been hiding her from everyone?”. I think the one I hated the most was,”ei obaa na ni ho 3y3f3 sei. Osofo might have found the wife he has been praying for all this while”. I laughed hard and said in my head, “me osofo maame? God forbid”. Imagine my utter disgust when my mom agreed with her and further mentioned that the real reason they brought me was to show me to him and that it was terrible that both of us are still not married after all we’ve achieved. What achievement could a man of God have except a church to his name. After being so successful the crowning achievement is to get married and have children.

We walked back into the auditorium in pursuit of the pastor. As we entered I saw one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen speaking to a group of people. I joked silently to myself that if this was the only time I was ever going to pray for something and want God to answer it, it would be for that man to be the pastor. We walked for a little while and sat down. Apparently, we had to wait for the said pastor. We sat there for about 15 minutes, I was busy playing a game on my phone when my mom tapped me vigorously to put the phone away. I put the phone into my bag and looked up to the sight of a man’s lower body with a huge bulge in his trousers, my heart jumped. I looked up and it was the gorgeous man I saw when we entered. He pulled a seat and sat in front of us. I was lost in my thoughts and was just staring at this glorious creation. My mom’s voice slapped me out of the trance. Lo and behold the gorgeous man was actually the pastor. I couldn’t hide my surprise and excitement as we were introduced to each other. I didn’t hear anything my mom was saying as I kept staring at these 6 feet of pure dark chocolate skin, coupled with an upper frame of well chiseled muscular arms and chest and a face to kill for. He had very thick eye brows and beautiful lashes that almost looked feminine. He was clean shaven but had a thick moustache that sat atop the most beautiful kissable lips I had ever seen with beautifully arranged white teeth that had sharp canines, almost like a vampire. He has big eyes that were very white with nice gold brown iris. “Hello child of God”, his heavy yet Silky baritone voice put the final nail in my coffin. How didn’t I see all these things while he was preaching at the pulpit? I was mostly distracted by my phone but at least I should’ve seen something. Was I that averse to the word of God? I said to myself, “osofo maame? God permit”. We spoke for a while and exchanged contacts.

I couldn’t get Andrew out of my mind throughout the whole drive home. My mom and dad were busy listing all his achievements to me, I was very impressed with all he had been able to achieve at the age of 30 and all the things he had planned but I couldn’t help but wonder why a man this gorgeous would opt for being a man of God, a Pastor to be precise. Once we got home I stayed behind in the car for a while and went to check his dp on WhatsApp hoping that it would be a picture of him. Instead it was a picture of a quote from some other pastor that spoke about how sexual immorality robbed men of their glory and of God’s glory in their lives. It further mentioned how stay chaste till you get married is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. I rolled my eyes. I sent him a text and asked him to send me his Instagram handle. I knew he wasn’t going to reply any time soon so I locked my phone and went into the house.

His reply came as I was having dinner with my parents. It read, “sorry sister Emerald, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools used by the devil to facilitate the temptation and eventual fall of men. As the bible says in proverbs 27:12; a wise man sees trouble or temptation coming and flees. The unwise man walks in blindly and falls. It will be unwise of me to put myself in harm’s way knowing very well the machinations and snares of the devil. Shalom”. I almost threw my phone away. This man was driving me crazy already. Why would God allow such a prude to be so gorgeous? What was he trying to achieve?

I made it a project to seduce him come what may. I scheduled lunch with him the next day. Throughout the lunch I had to go through the boring motions of pretending to listen to his preaching of self-righteousness. Am I really going to get married to this man? What will we be doing for fun? Do I have to be waking up for dawn prayers? These were a few turn offs, but daughter of eve wanted to have a taste ??…..

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