A lot of people need to look at this and take note.

An experiment was conducted to see if greyhounds could compete with the speed of a cheetah. When the cages opened, folks were shocked that the cheetah didn’t move. They asked the race coordinator what had happened and why the cheetah didn’t move.

His response:
“Sometimes trying to prove that you’re the best is an insult to your self-worth.

There has been so many schools of thought concerning the above. One argued that, There is no need to lower yourself to other people’s level to make them understand your skills, qualities and contributions. A cheetah uses its speed to hunt, not to prove to dogs that it is faster and stronger.

In looking at the larger intent, the most prudent decisions must be made, best available skills brought to bear, ingenuity being vital and the greatest self belief taking center stage. In not any way to discount the essence of team work, ignoring the concepts of “too-knowing” and inferiority complex is an indispensable tool.

The other made mention that without exhibiting your skills, how will people know you have them. You are employed to work, and exhibiting your skills is what counts.

An improvement in the quality and development of the Human Resources, subordinates and colleagues is key. Specialization is vital in all aspects but in refining people with your improved knowledge and skills enhances productivity and creates a win for all. Success for the entire entity, glory for the boss, improved skill for colleagues and reliable replacements in the absence of officially designated people not to halt work becomes the ultimate win.

For me, the relevancy is in the point it is trying to establish. Stop focusing on tiny details and start looking at the larger intent. I see potential in individuals every day in my line of work. No need for them to prove anything to me. As leaders, we have to recognize abilities, nurture and help them grow. I am always trying to help co-workers and others to be better than I am by sharing knowledge acquired during failures and successes and helping them not only achieve their goals but surpass them, but only when they avail themselves, only if one is willing to listen.