After watching Tinder Swindler on Netflix, I decided to check how tinder works and downloaded for the first time. It didn’t take me long to get match requests with all the depraved and horny men that had taken over the place but none of them impressed me. I kept swiping left till I saw him. “CEO of an oil company. What is he doing on tinder searching for love or a fling…………..hhmmm, I whispered to myself??. He love travelling and eager for an adventure. My life longs for a partner in crime and adventure, so why not? His bio was honest and exciting…………..surprisingly familiar but I couldn’t lay my fingers on what it was. I went through his profile and oh my! I was blown away. If God ever got fed up with my standards and gave me some clay to make my own man he would be the prototype I will work with. Those men that exudes sexuality, intentionally or not, and sends you into an overdrive……….. Masculine, lickable and kissable lips, dark smooth skin ( if it’s not filter am seeing), face of an angel, beautifully crafted and the smile of a demon of lust. I swiped right quickly and my heart jumped when my screen lit up with “it’s a match”, you can imagine the grin that lit my face.?

We started chatting and man he had the word. He had me smiling and laughing every chance he got. We quickly moved to WhatsApp and then calls………deep smooth voice with so much desire or emotion. It was difficult to tell which because I couldn’t see his face. I became interested in knowing the person behind the voice. Meeting up became inevitable ………..

The First Date

Sitting quietly at the reserved table, I was absolutely fuming. We agreed to meet at 8pm yet here I was at 8:45 and there was no sign of him. I told myself I will leave if he doesn’t arrive in the next 5 minutes. Just then he appeared and as expected I was totally disarmed. Fuck!! he was looking hot. More than hot, he was oozing sex appeal from every pore and I was glad I snatched a look. I quickly flicked my gaze back to my wine, just as last-minute jitters caught me off guard, and was thrilled to see him staring at me with his jaw set hard and a raw look of lust flashing across his expression.
“You look heavenly in person and have grown into a beautiful lady”, he said as he came closer, held my hand, kissed it and apologised for his lateness. He explained how he had to close a last minute deal. I asked him what he meant by “grown into a beautiful lady”. That was when it hit me………………I have been talking and chatting for weeks to a childhood classmate without knowing. He smiled, “I can see you remember something now”.
It’s been well over 25 years, so you can imagine, I responded.
He went on to tell me about, about how he had a crush on me even as a kid. The conversation changed, reminiscing old school days etc.
The time flew by like it was eager for our date to end. A good listener,……………….a perfect date, a perfect night.

The days following the date had everyone in my office talking about the flowers that met me on my table every morning. The chocolates, lunch dates, just name it. I became a topic on everyone’s lips.

Roy is one of those drop dead gorgeous guys that every girl wants to go out with. The funny part about all this is, it wasn’t supposed to be anything serious. I just wanted to check out how tinder works but here I am, fallen madly in-love with Roy, my childhood class mate.

The Club
We were grinding on the dance floor, me teasing him all night and I tingled with pleasure as I felt the massive serpent stiffening between his legs. He grabbed my ass cheeks, lifted me up and carried me down to the car, the bulge of his crotch teaching my vagina just enough to get me wet. Throughout the drive to his place, he didn’t utter a word. It has been a month of fun, dating and getting to know each other. I was confused, Am I ready for the inevitable to happen……..the same time the background music said it all. ……………”Major, why I love you”

The sexual tension was too much to bear. He gazed at me from time to time. When he finally stopped at his apartment I knew, it was about to go down.
But surprisingly he was not in a rush and I was shocked. All I could think about was tearing off his shirt and there he was, the man asking me if I want some wine……………??

The thing I adore about Roy is that he knows that he’s sexy, and not afraid of showing it off. I don’t think I’ve ever met a man as confident in his attributes as him—cock and thighs and hands and forearms and oh, everything that makes me squirmy. He knows. He knows partly because I’ve told him, but partly because he’s blessed with the kind of confidence that means he doesn’t hide himself behind a bath towel or avoid his own reflection in a mirror. It’s not a cockiness born of macho one-upmanship in the gym, but a measured faith in his ability to use what he has for consensual gratification. Roy is hot, and he knows it, and what’s more, he understands how to work it.

When he unfastened his pants, I gasped and thanked God for the gift. He nibbled my flesh from neck to toe and nipples turning me on till I screamed, fuck me, you tease! He compiled happily.
My moans are getting louder as I open my mouth with the pleasure he is giving me. It is becoming too much and I lay back on his chest, he grabs my breasts and squeezes hard capturing my nipples and pinching hard. It raises my oncoming orgasm higher. He kisses and bites my shoulder and I like it. I swivel my hips to tease him, but he wants the control back and snakes his hand around my throat and keeps me in one place while he thrusts up. As each thrust up he gently tightens and releases his hold on my throat. To be at someone else’s mercy and control is exhilarating and I am led by his command.
Holding me tight he turns so we are on our side, he’s still inside thrusting, not missing a beat and pushing me from behind. His hip action is hard and purposeful, he knows exactly how to push me higher and over the top nearing to my orgasm. It’s a slower throb and cascades down his cock, I squeeze my walls and I am rewarded with a hard thrust as he stays balls deep in my pussy.

We’re both soaked with sweat with our exertions and he still hasn’t come. Interlocking our fingers, he increases the movement and fucks me harder. My pussy is tight around him and I am feeling every inch as he hits the top of my channel. I need to kiss him again and stretch my neck back. He helps by pulling on my chin and licks into my mouth not bothering with kissing my lips, just duelling tongues. We came together, fast and hard, like rabid animals hungry for each other’s bodies??

He fulfilled his promise, he fucks like a champion.
He is mine and I am his. That night I forgot everything and just laid in his arms.

The web of infidelity
Did I forget to mention I am married with a Child, ……………….. ??‍??. My husband has been away on an educational/ work trip for over two year. I fell guilty sexting Roy every day alongside my husband. It was hard assuring him of my love every day but then again as the old saying goes, no man can stay away from sex for that long. I wanted to stop but my adventure side will not allow me. I kept telling myself, I know my boundaries but deep down I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold myself when that times comes and obviously I couldn’t. I wanted Roy and that was it. At this point, I had locked and my trapped my conscious in a web………….. I knew I had to come clean, at least let Roy know I am not the good girl he thinks I am. The funny thing is, this side never came up in our chats or texts. We always had so much to talk about but never this. I believe we both knew what we wanted and didn’t want to be distracted.

To be Continued…………

For those who will be asking,………. this is just a made up story. She is not me and I am not her. Please let me know what you think. Like, Leave a comment below and check out my other stories when you get a chance.