Inspired by a topic discussed on “Keeping It Real,” a show hosted by three ladies on 3Fm, 92.7, I was motivated to share a tale…

Once upon a time, in a vibrant city, a heartfelt confession hung in the air. Fafa, wearing a shy smile, softly spoke to Romeo, the person who had unwittingly captured her heart.

“I confess my love for you, Romeo,” she revealed, her voice carrying the weight of weeks spent consumed by thoughts of him. It felt as though he had taken up residence in the chambers of her heart, a place she hadn’t known was available until now.

Romeo, with his warm eyes and gentle demeanor, listened attentively. Fafa continued, her sincerity flowing like a gentle stream. “You’ve become a constant presence in my thoughts, almost as if I’ve woven you into the fabric of my very being. Yet, at times, I wonder if I might be overwhelming you, like a fire burning too brightly. It makes me want to take a step back, to observe you from a distance.”

Their story, a delicate dance of emotions, unfolded against the backdrop of the city’s bustling streets. Two hearts navigated the complexities of love, affection, and the need for equilibrium in their newfound connection.

And so, it all began…

In the sprawling expanse of a modern office building, Fafa found herself immersed in the daily rhythm of work. She was a diligent employee, focused on her tasks and responsibilities, but amidst the hum of keyboard clicks and the murmur of conversations, there was one presence that had caught her attention. His name was Romeo, a new colleague who had joined the company a few weeks ago. With a charismatic smile and an air of quiet confidence, he seemed to effortlessly navigate the intricate dynamics of the workplace. Their paths crossed occasionally and one day Fafa mastered courage and said “Hi, do you work here”. A very silly question but she had to break the ice. He looked confused but responded in the affirmative and introduced himself.

As days turned into weeks, Fafa found herself stealing glances at Romeo from a distance and every chance she got. She marveled at his dedication, his insightful contributions during discussions, and the way he always seemed to have a kind word for everyone. It was during a particularly stressful project when their connection began to deepen. Late one evening, Romeo found himself hunched over his computer, wrestling with a complex spreadsheet. The office was eerily quiet, illuminated only by the soft glow of monitors. Just as he was about to call it a night, a voice broke the silence. “Stuck on that one, too?” Startled, Romeo looked up to see Fafa standing by his desk, a sympathetic smile on her lips. He chuckled nervously, realizing that his struggles hadn’t gone unnoticed. They began working on the spreadsheet together, exchanging ideas and solving problems with a shared determination. Hours passed in a blur, and as they finally cracked the challenge, a sense of accomplishment washed over them. From that night on, Fafa and Romeo began collaborating more frequently.

Their conversations evolved beyond work-related matters, encompassing a wide range of topics from books and movies to personal anecdotes. Each interaction deepened their connection, but neither dared to broach the topic of their feelings. Despite the unspoken attraction, their lives continued along parallel trajectories as they were both in serious relationships. Fafa watched as Romeo became an integral part of the office fabric, his laughter ringing through the corridors and his support for his colleagues unwavering. Yet, the feelings that had blossomed within both of them remained a secret, a precious and fragile ember they both guarded closely.

One afternoon, as Romeo sent Fafa messages and they played their normal emotionally torturing drama games, Romeo decided to play naughty by daring Fafa. Without her even responding back, Romeo walked to Fafa and after a long emotional hug decided to kiss her. All the while, Romeo was hell bent on breaking the neutral ice of professionalism around the rapport between himself and Fafa. To him, the first kiss was the lifeline to what he long desired; Fafa’s vulnerability. Fafa walked across the office halls with an air of confidence; something Romeo found rather appealing. To him, a woman’s confidence was a thing that intelligent women possessed. Being a Sapio in disguise, he yearned every day to get closer, to learn more, and know more. Romeo had mustered all the courage in his world to get up and walk towards Fafa. In his mind he had two thoughts; primarily to break that defense of strength that Fafa always portrayed, showing that she never was vulnerable. Deep down, he felt that Fafa indeed was, and she built those walls to protect herself from the toxicity existent at the workplace.

Romeo wanted Fafa vulnerable, not because he wanted to take advantage, but because he wanted to be the only one Fafa probably felt vulnerable to. The other reason was obviously for breaking the ice.

For months these two spoke, deliberated, argued and bantered over everything and anything, including the chemistry brewing between then. Yet, none decided to show the other their true innate sentiment. To Romeo, Fafa was just being a woman, who by all means would wait for her man to make the first move. He however didn’t understand why this was, by virtue of the fact that he upheld her as one the most confident people in the world. “Well… here goes nothing” … he muttered to himself as his eyes caught Fafa staring at him walking towards her. The message that preceded this bold gesture was a dare, and both parties had gotten the memo. But inwardly Romeo’s skeptics were at play. Hypothetical questions kept racing down his mind, almost forcing to abort the mission halfway. ” What if she doesn’t want the kiss… what if she is only being friendly… what about her partner… what about mine?”… Romeo forged a smile to cover his thoughts; a gesture Fafa returned back with a shy grin. This was the time to play up as a man, double or nothing. Fafa wasn’t just confident; she was a beauty to behold. The smile that curves up on her lips was something that would make the boss sign any document in her Favour. She also packed a very sharp tongue along with those lips, something Romeo found quite attractive. Romeo had had his fair share of Fafa’s venom, on a lighter note though, but that was enough to get Romeo intrigued. “Aphrodite’s daughter”, as how he saved her contact on his phone, to establish her beauty and of course to prevent nosy office colleagues from knowing their closeness. Romeo got her desk and drew her close to him in one fell swoop. He was shy but very confident. He didn’t leave room for doubt as he looked into her eyes, almost begging, yearning, anticipating the next move. Romeo’s free arm had other plans. Skillfully his fingers ran along the lines on her face, trickling down her neck with lines carefully cut with a ruler and the will of Zeus. His hand found its way under her chin, and in one swing he leaned forward, …….. With his fingers tracing a path along Fafa’s face and neck, Romeo leaned in, their lips almost finally meeting in a kiss that conveyed both longing and anticipation. Although Fafa pulled away, leaving Romeo to plant a gentle peck on her cheek, the moment marked a significant shift in their relationship. Unspoken feelings and desires hung in the air, leaving them both yearning for what lay ahead…….


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