Everyone has a story, everyone has gone through something that has changed them ……….She was not looking for love when She met him but She knew her life needed what he was offering- slow sure love, uncomplicated, no rush, stable, consistent, desiring …….someone who is sure of her as she was sure of him.

A psychology professor said, “if you are in love with someone, you won’t be interested In someone else. If you are, then you are not in love”. People need to know this and she knew.
When she found every other man unattractive she knew, she knew he is the one. She knew she has found her soul mate.
Then again she felt lost. She didn’t know and was never made to feel secure of his love.

An attractive, good looking, well built, tall………. He was, well, different from all others. He was handsome, not perhaps in the conventional sense, but he had that appearance which could make him stand out in the crowd. He was Dark, dark and lovely. His eyes were as deep and expressive, where you could get lost if you stared long enough. His face had that faraway look in it, which cannot be described in words. His smile, which reached up to his eyes, flaunted his modesty and humility. Above all was his frame and his stature. He was not extremely muscular, with 8 pack abs or 16 cm biceps. However, he could stand out in a crowd, which was mostly due to his way of carrying himself. Perhaps he was not the kind who had girls swooning over him. But he was simple and innocent. He was perhaps, just one in a million, who was “nothing special, but all the same unique.

He was almost hers and almost ‘fucking’ breaks her heart constantly. But may be that’s all it was meant to be, an incomplete sentence, a half written story, finished without an ending. She is moving on even though she has no idea how to. May be it’s because he is the first person she has truly, unconditionally loved. Or maybe because he is the only one who is able to put her under this much hurt. No matter the reason, she could never stop loving him. She wished he knew how much pain she was in but then again it will be too embarrassing for him to know she cries at night…..,For him to know she yearned for his touch, his cuddles, his kisses???

He doesn’t know how much pain she was in. I mean, she put all her love and effort into the relationship and now she has to act like they are complete strangers. But that’s how break ups work. It will hurt but slowly you will learn to live without each other. You can’t and will not forget but the pain will lessen as time goes on…………………

Love is a terrifying thing, It’s not safe. Because when you decide to love someone you have to face the fact that you could one day loose them. In loosing them, you sometimes tend to loose yourself. And she couldn’t afford loosing herself.

“We went from stranger ➡️ to friends ➡️to lovers and now, strangers again but this time, with memories ??