Exactly a month ago yesterday, I created a WordPress account, “EVERYTHING ME” to share my thoughts because I have plenty to share.?
Thanks to you all, we have exceeded 1000 views….hooray!!!!.
I didn’t have a plan but those who knew I could write and had crazy creative writing ideas kept encouraging me to put it all out there, so I did.

It is draining, as I have to day in day out think of something to pen down. For example I didn’t have a plan for “UNSINFUL PLEASURE. It was suppose to be a one off story but ……..see where we are….???
You may think your own friends will like and comment on your story but in actual fact they will hide to read…..a story for another day. Even though I would have preferred it if you all contributed, commented, shared and liked the write ups ……it is what it is……. everything has made me better. This helps you to understand the world we live in and appreciate it, after all, WE ARE TO MAKE EVERY SITUATION or EXPERIENCE EDUCATIONAL.

I appreciate everyone who has been on this journey with me and are prepared to go further. To those who have constantly commented, I see and appreciate you all.❤️❤️❤️This voyage has and will continue to be stormy and tough, so far as I have you, my dear readers here, I’m motivated to captain this ship, after all we made it to and over 1000 views.?????cheers