Let me start by saying there are a lot of wrong and absurd things as women we do, to kill our fellow women, knowingly and unknowingly.

A lot of us are in dark places Bcus of one comment made by a friend or a stranger. A lot have bleached, fornicated, taken bad decisions and even died because of such abuse from her fellow females.

Let’s have a spirit of encouraging each other. We are each other’s keeper. U don’t see men fighting and bringing each other down so why us, women?

I once stated somewhere that women are smarter because we were the first to have tasted the apple ? ? so why then do we act the way we do, with so much hatred towards the other. With so much envy and disgust against our other fellow women. We are wiser and much accommodating.

It is best to note that, another woman might always be smarter, more beautiful, more stylish, more fashionable, more appealing or more of what you ever wish for……but that doesn’t mean you should hate or dislike the person. Such is life, live with it.

One thing I would tell all women, including myself now is, the next woman isn’t a threat to you. Neither is she your competition. You are your own threat and your own competition. You are competing against who you were yesterday because you have to be better. And you are your own threat because you are the only one who can determine how far or not you go.

Be an upgrade of yourself each passing minute. Break the boundaries and limitations you set yourself by hating another because it ends up to your disadvantage. Hatred for any other woman is not a prerequisite to your own success and development.

Peace is sacred. Why cultivate hatred that will disrupt your peace. Don’t trade the key to your serenity for it breaks your own strength. Live your own life by your decree but leave the next woman closer to you as a strength by loving them and granting them the chance to ascend with you.

The next woman is your support system

The next woman is your mentor, your lesson

The next woman is your teammate

The next woman is your friends.

Let’s stop hating because she isn’t our friend’s friend.