When people let you into their life, please for the love of God be real and authentic.

Leave them alone if you are there to waste their time, because people have been through hell, have been backstabbed, cheated on, stomped on and the hurt list goes on. 

People  have had other people that they absolutely adored with every ounce of their being, walked out, turn their back on them and never spoke to them again. These are people they could have walked the end of the earth to prove how much they actually adore and love them.

For some: when they say, “I love you”, when they say “this is forever”, that’s their love, trust and loyalty that they are putting into your hands. Make it worth their time because we all deserve happiness.

Happiness is about letting go of what your life is suppose to be and just embracing where you are now and how special it is.

One of the most important quote I heard recently , is if it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to anybody. 

At the end of it all life is too short to worry about stupid things. 

Regret nothing.



I posted this on another site I am trying to develop so just in case you read it, it’s the same thing. Thanks for always reading. Keep supporting.